10 best southern rock riffs picked by Georgia Thunderbolts


Can they have a witness? The Georgia Thunderbolts have witnessed a lifetime of great Southern rock music, letting influences wash over them as they prepare to release their stellar new album Mascot Records, Can we have a witness? So we got in touch with the band to get their thoughts on the best southern rock riffs ever recorded.

The group did not disappoint with their choices, appealing to Southern rock royalty such as Lynynrd Skynyrd and the Allman Brothers, while offering not-so-obvious choices.

But before we get into their picks, be sure to check out some of their own music with the new video for their song “It’s Alright” below. The song is featured on Can we have a witness? which will be released on October 15 via Mascot Records. If you like what you hear, the album is available for pre-order here. You can also keep up to date with everything going on with their group and get touring and ticketing information here.

Georgia Thunderbolts, “It’s okay”

Now head over below to check out the Georgia Thunderbolts’ picks for the 10 best southern rock riffs of all time.

  • “More problems”

    Allman Brothers

    This song has to be here because of the way it comes in force with the drums and then into the riff. It gives you a rock blues feel almost instantly.

  • “Don’t misunderstand me”

    Rossington Collins Group

    This song is simply a classic. Everything merges to make a great song. The riff being in drop D gives it an advantage that other songs of the time did not have.

  • “Man with whiskey”

    Molly Hachette

    In addition to having a deep personal bond with the group, this riff gives off a blues and avant-garde side of Molly Hatchet. It’s outright boogie from the mighty South.

  • “Mr. High and Mighty”

    Gouv’t Mule

    Warren Haynes’ Les Paul associated with his Saldano gives the A, D and G chords a heavy and full feel to the riff.

  • “I just got paid”

    Top ZZ

    RIP Dusty hill. When that riff hits you can be sure that riff is from Texas. With the sweet but stiff sound of Billy Gibbons, you can’t help but be inspired by rock.

  • “The stream of the soul”

    Cherry black stone

    This is one of the most difficult riffs to play, but when put together like BSC did, you can hear the aggressive Kentucky rock sound.

  • “Double problem”

    Lynyrd skynyrd

    There isn’t much more to a southern rock song. It has twang, it has power, and the lyrics relate perfectly to the riff.

  • “Baby Blue”


    This riff fits the lyrics, which is exactly what this song needed. The song is about a girl and who she is to him, the riff has a sexy feel that lets you know what the song is about.

  • “Losing the mind”

    Pride and glory

    When that banjo hits you right in the throat, you know it’s gonna be a good time. This song is bluegrass for 15 seconds, and heavy southern rock for the rest.

  • “The great trend of the south”


    The breakdown riff towards the end of the song is what we chose for the last song on this list. This list would be nothing without the king of the southern metal guitar, Dimebag Darrell. His Texas hickbends assure you that this is one of the greatest southern metal riffs of all time.


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