A young entrepreneur has big plans for a new business in Ronceverte



RONCEVERTE, WV (WVNS) – A young entrepreneur from Greenbrier County has big plans to start her own small business. Music has always played a big part in the life of 18-year-old Alex DeGraff and his father, Adam. The father-daughter duo, both music teachers in the region, wanted to broaden their horizons.

“We rented a studio and had a gig space there and we both taught, but it started to become something that we were getting too big,” said Alex DeGraff. “So we had to find something bigger and with more options to make it our own. So here we are. “

They bought the old bridal shop on Main Street in Ronceverte. DeGraff is spearheading the renovations and business plan for this new concert hall and studio. All in the hope of contributing to the revitalization of the city center.

“We were trying to breathe life into this city that is full of potential,” added DeGraff.

DeGraff said she was tired of hearing her friends talk about leaving the area in the hope of better opportunities.

“I hear a lot about minimal employment opportunities from young people or there isn’t a lot to do here that keeps young people in the area,” DeGraff added. “It makes me so sad when all my friends want to get out of here.”

So, for the love of music, she decided to create The Veridian; an art space and a concert hall for emerging artists and musicians to present their work.

DeGraff said she wanted her new concert hall to be a destination for music lovers young and old.

“I want to create a place that keeps people here and makes people want to come back and attracts people from other areas,” she said.

The Veridian plans to open music classes in December and host live music in early 2022



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