AirKast and Indie Advance Launch New Mobile App Connecting Fan Artists


PLEASANTON, Calif., June 13, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — AirKast Inc., a leader in mobile app development and analytics for broadcasters and podcasters, today announced its partnership with Indie Advance, a service and distribution provider for artists, to launch a mobile solution for musicians to bridge the connection between them and their fans.

Using unique features developed by AirKast that have proven to dramatically increase engagement and loyalty between broadcasters or podcasters and their listeners, AirKast has applied the same technology to artists to create a deeper, more loyal connection with their fans.

Additionally, beyond the basics of mobile measurement of app downloads and sessions, artists through the AirKast dashboard have access to AirKast’s unique analytics, which allow them to explore and interact with their fans to help create and implement a truly integrated mobile and social media strategy. based on collected live data that includes usage location, product affinity data, and engagement factor from AirKast©

More importantly, AirKast’s unique feature will allow artists to collect and leverage permission-based user data to help them collect personal fan data and generate content for sales and promotion. that can boost fan engagement beyond current levels.

“We are extremely excited to be working with Tom Callahan at Indie Advance. Tom brings over 35 years of experience managing, promoting and licensing artists to the music industry. He has played a essential role in the radio success of artists such as Lenny Kravitz, Rod Stewart, Paula Abdul and Lionel Richie, in addition to being the CCO of the licensing and branding company “Songtradr” since its inception. AirKast, Larry Leung “Using AirKast’s proven technology and Tom’s knowledge to bring artists to the forefront, we are excited to provide artists with the opportunity to develop a unique and loyal relationship with their fan base.”

“One of the biggest challenges for any artist is establishing that special bond with their most loyal fans,” says Indie Advance CEO Tom Callahan. He adds, “We’ve seen first-hand how customers have used AirKast’s capabilities to drive engagement and develop a better understanding of their end users. We are excited to be involved with our industry knowledge in launching a product specifically for musicians.

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Tom Callahan
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Michael Fischer
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About AirBridge and TuneKast

AirBridge, the industry award-winning hosted digital media delivery platform created by AirKast, is used to build reliable, secure and scalable enterprise-class mobile applications so businesses can target large audiences requiring simultaneous access. AirBridge currently supports market-leading mobile devices including iPhone, iPad, Kindle, and Android. Designed for terrestrial and internet radio stations to increase AQH, TuneKast is a mobile application framework that delivers real-time digital media and online content in branded mobile applications. AirBridge, TuneKast, AirConnectors and Engagement Factor are copyrighted terms owned by AirKast, Inc. Please visit

About Indie Advance

Indie Advance is a global artist services and distribution company committed to fostering the growth and development of independent musicians. Indie Advance is designed to support artists, at any stage of development, by offering affordable marketing packages that open doors to new opportunities. Tom Callahan, a 35-year veteran in the music industry, is backed by a talented team of people who ultimately have the same goal as you; your success! Please visit

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