All That Remains Guitarist Oli Herbert’s wife breaks silence over suspicions she murdered him


Four years have passed since the death of Oli Herbert, guitarist for the Massachusetts heavy metal band All That Remains, and now the late musician’s wife has broken her silence on suspicion of murdering him. Talk to The daily mail, Beth Herbert firmly stated, “I absolutely did not kill my husband.” She added, “Everyone tells me to shut up, but all I’ve done is let these things solidify as truth, and they don’t.”

In October 2018, Herbert’s body was found in a pond at his home. According to reports, he had been missing, but his body was later found in the pond at his Stafford Springs, Connecticut property. Shortly after his death, the local coroner’s office released a toxicology report indicating that Herbert had drowned. However, police reportedly treated the death as “suspicious” and the case remains open to this day. Herbert was 44 at the time of his death.

Suspicion of reading Beth’s involvement in her husband’s death was apparently triggered by the fact that a week earlier Herbert had his will notarized, which stated that all of his was to be left to Beth and that his sister Cynthia would get nothing. “We loved each other, we trusted each other and we were husband and wife, even though everyone was doing everything they could to keep us apart,” Beth said in response to the situation with Herbert’s willpower. “We left everything to each other, including making each other the beneficiaries of each other’s life insurance policies.”

In his interview with The daily mail, Beth offers her thoughts on who might have been responsible for Herbert’s death, revealing that she told the police about a mysterious woman named Penelope who appeared on the couple’s property one day. She claims that after a brief interaction with the woman, Penelope playfully pushed Oli into their pond and ran away. Beth says the encounter was reported to police, but the woman was never found.

“They (the police) thought maybe she had something to do with her death, but they can’t find her,” Beth said. She later added, “The police accused me of being Penelope and pushing him. But I was like – how can I split in two?” Later in the interview, Beth brought up Penelope again, saying, “It crossed my mind when the police found my husband’s body – that it was Penelope. Has Penelope come back? Did he fall down there on his own?All I know is I was in bed upstairs and when I came down in the morning he wasn’t in the house. Full Daily mail interview to read by clicking here.


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