Anvil! Documentary Story Anvil Gets New Theatrical Release


Acclaimed heavy metal documentary Anvil! Anvil’s story is back in theaters. Audiences will be able to relive the setbacks and triumphs of the Canadian metal band this fall.

Deadline reports that the 2008 documentary will be released in 200 theaters after a September 23 premiere at Beyond Fest in Los Angeles, which will include a live performance by the band and a Q&A with the band members, the director Sasha Gervasiand producer Rebecca Yeldham. The film will be released with remastered image and sound, and with a new exclusive epilogue interview. Documentary re-releases are rare, but it can be a testament to the quality of the original film and the dedication of metal fans. Gervasi certainly seemed surprised by the re-release: “Is this movie really hitting theaters again? Someone please wake me up!”


Anvil! Anvil’s story chronicles the ups and downs of Canadian metal band Anvil. Founded by Steve “Lips” Kudlow and Robb Reiner in 1978, Anvil enjoyed brief success in the 80s and had a formative influence on a number of other metal bands, including Metallic and Guns N’ Roses, but largely fell into oblivion over the following decades. The film finds Kudlow and Reiner in 2006, living quiet lives in the suburbs of Toronto, before going on a tour of Europe that promises to revive their musical careers. The tour turns out to be a disaster, causing great strain on the band’s finances and personal life. However, after borrowing money to record a new album produced by Chris Tsangaridesthe producer of their most acclaimed album, Metal on Metal, the group meets a new success. Acclaimed for its heartfelt story and candid, fun look at the lives of the band members, Anvil! Anvil’s story further reignited interest in Anvil, who subsequently went on several successful tours and recorded new material; their latest album, The impact is imminentcame out earlier this year.

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Vancouver-based production company Utopia and distribution company Abramorama, which released the film in 2008, are handling the re-release, alongside Portobello Electric, director Gervasi’s production company. The film was produced by Gervasi, Yeldham, Rick Krimand Christopher Soos. Gervasi, who was an Anvil roadie in the 1980s, went on to make several narrative feature films, including Hitchcock and My dinner with Hervé.

Anvil! Anvil’s story will return to theaters on September 27, with select theatrical runs extended throughout October.


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