Apple acquired Platoon, a London-based creative services company in 2016, and this week they filed their unique trademark



In 2018, Apple acquired Platoon, a London-based creative services company founded in 2016 by music industry veteran Denzyl Feigelson and LoveFilm co-founder Saul Klein. Platoon developed a series of emerging artists in the UK and US, including American actor Billie Eilish before signing with Interscope in 2017. Years later, Apple decided to register the creative figurative mark of Platoon which includes two zebra heads as shown below, in the United States and Hong Kong.

Apple’s US figurative trademark filing in part

3 x USPTO FigurativeTM Ranking for Platoon Logo

Apple has registered its figurative mark under two international classes 035 and 041 as follows:

035: “Career planning and information services for musicians; Advertising, marketing and promotion services in the field of music; Market research, namely, analysis of advertising responses and market research in the field of music; Media planning services in the field of music, namely, identifying audience, communication goals, geography, markets, timing and media platforms suitable for promoting and disseminating an artist’s message; data processing services in the field of music; business monitoring and advisory services, namely, website and consumer behavior monitoring to provide advice on strategy, insight, marketing, sales and operations in the field of music; promoting music concerts and other entertainment events of others. “

041: “Preparation, organization, conduct and presentation of concerts, live performances, special entertainment events and festivals; providing websites featuring radio and television entertainment programs and music programs, namely programs featuring musical artists, musical performances, interviews, opinions, comments and recommendations; Music publishing services; Music and video production services. “

Apple specimens at USPTO

The United States Patent Office (USPTO) defines a specimen as an example of how a company actually uses its trademark in the marketplace with the goods or services in its application. This is what consumers see when they consider purchasing goods or subscribing to services provided by Apple in connection with their brand. Below are 2 copies of a series of 5 specimens provided to the US Patent and Trademark Office.

5 Apple Platoon Specimen 2
5 Apple Platoon Specimen 2

Apple also registered its figurative mark in Hong Kong under number 305744863.

Beyond promoting “AZIYA” on Platoon as noted above, two other artists that Platoon is currently promoting on their website, Victoria Monet and Deto Black are featured below.

6 Victoria Monet
6 Victoria Monet

11. Trade marks and designs bar



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