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NEW MATAMORAS, Ohio (WTAP) – Growing up can be a confusing time, but the Frontier High School Marching Band finds a way to play through it. His part-time show is devoted to the “metamorphosis” of growth.

“We are all growing up teenagers going through different stages of life. And not knowing where you stand, where you fit and trying to figure that out, ”says horn and trumpeter Haylee Berentz.

Frontier High School’s halftime show is called “Metamorphosis,” and the students say it’s a theme they identify with.

“It’s just about growing,” says group director Shirelle Barnett. “And go from who you are to who you want to be.”

The songs were chosen by the students, who chose relevant tunes.

“Well, first we start with ‘I don’t agree’, and that’s kind of where we’re all at right now. You know, we don’t know what we want to do in the future, ”says Berentz. “And then going into ‘Creep’, that’s kind of where you get it all. And then ‘Still Breathing’ goes through it all and that’s when you finally become who you want to be.

Much of the show is also focused on mental health.

Barnett says: “Playing music in itself is an outlet. It releases excess energy, it distracts you from things that you might not be able to stop thinking about during the day.


“Playing the song and talking about the topic of our changing from who we are to what we want to be has been kind of therapy for us. Because it’s a way for us to express ourselves.

And after being estranged from each other during the pandemic, clarinetist and drum major Jacy Brookover said being together again has been a positive experience.

“We feel like the group is a bit like family to us. And it’s a safe place, ”says Brookover.

This is the third year of the Frontier Group program.

One of the group members says the Frontier community is enthusiastic and supports the group.

You can see the Frontier Marching Band playing this Friday as the Frontier Cougars play Monroe Central against the Seminoles.

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