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Are you a promising artist looking to grow your fan base to get their music heard? You have the right knack for engaging your target audience, but maybe you are struggling to formulate an effective marketing strategy to attract new ears to your music. In such cases, the best choice is to seek professional marketing advice.

Among the many marketing companies, DVERSE Media is one name that has caught the attention of budding artists around the world. Benny Pough, the founder of DVERSE Media, has 30 years of experience in putting future superstars on the map. Enjoying an incredible CV as an executive with top companies in the music business including Epic Records, Universal Music, Sony Music, Urban One, MCA Records and Roc Nation Music. Specifically, Pough has been tasked with delivering the best radio hits in marketing and promotions for superstars such as Kanye West, Jay Z, Rihanna, Travis Scott, DJ Khaled, Future and 21 Savage. It is recognized nationally and internationally for its innovative marketing and promotion strategies to gain massive attention in the music industry. Due to his meteoric rise, Pough has launched a global full-service music distribution and publishing company called DVERSE Media, which is respected around the world for providing top-notch services to artists looking to become superstars. The fascinating story of the company and that of its CEO, Benny Pough, is one with years of dedication and passion. In this exclusive interview, I am delighted to share this exclusive interview with you.

What is your business and what do you do? Tell us your story and how you got started, what made you choose this path.

“My business is media in all its forms, which has allowed me to explore all facets of my creativity. I’m adding the author to my new media business, with my first book, ON IMPACT: Life, Leadership & Betting on Self, scheduled for release in 2022. I chose the media industry because it allows me to help others who are struggling to know what next steps they need to take to move their dreams and life in a new direction. I am also in the field of real estate. I committed to having two Plan As and worked until I turned an investment property into over 100 units. Having this second equally important venture in tandem with my media work allowed me to take risks and helped me thrive in the media industry, including being part of the rise of some of the most successful artists. most prosperous in the world. Additionally, I entered the tech space in 2020, co-founding Kandiid, a social media app that provides socialization and monetization opportunities for individuals to monetize the content they are passionate about. “

What sets you apart in your industry? Why are you unique

“Authenticity. I will always be me so that people know what to expect from me. I am committed in all my endeavors, which gives everyone the confidence to rely on me and my unwavering commitment, no matter what the difficulty. of the company. “

How did you make a name for yourself or your company in your industry, especially at the beginning?

“Hard work, dedication and commitment. I always went above and beyond, went the extra mile and fully believed in the opportunities of talent. It really is the only way to get there. a name and to keep that name and reputation over the years Consistency, through hard work, and being true to yourself and your values ​​will ensure that your reputation remains intact over time.

What were the biggest challenges you faced and how did you overcome them? What keeps you running when the going gets tough?

“I lost almost everything: my career, my family, my goals and my life, in a situation I couldn’t control. It made me see the importance of managing my time, organizing my life and finances and reaffirming my faith and belief in God. I tap into my reserve of faith whenever I encounter circumstances that seem beyond my control. Faith has saved my life before and continues to guide my steps today.”

What advice would you have liked someone to give you at the start of your career?

“Success is not measured by how much you earn but how much you can commit to the process and your ability to persevere. It is also what you give and share with others. Commitment, persistence, generosity and sharing helps push through difficult experiences, not money. “

Where do you see yourself and your product in a few years? What are some of your dreams and aspirations?

“I want to be an outlier as an independent label. I want to have global superstars on the list. I want to have a bestselling book, travel the world and talk about ON THE IMPACT. “

For more information on Benny Pough’s story or on DVERSE Media, you can contact us via instagram @BennyPough.

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