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Electronic games repeatedly test the limits of virtual reality. Social games like League of Legends offer more realistic virtual concert play environments. Nowadays, gamers can even attend in-game concerts with an incredibly large audience. This isn’t the first time that a game of this genre has hosted a show.

Still, what can we expect from the rock concert within League of Legends? Read on and find out.

A concert for millions

The idea of ​​in-game concerts is not new, however. Social games are on the rise, attracting more and more players every year. Casinos like Kolikkopelit can create an attractive and sociable atmosphere, mimicking that of a land-based casino. And League of Legends and Fortnite games offer similar multiplayer experiences in fictional worlds.

Since then, digital technology has evolved a lot. In 2003, Second Life partnered with music labels and artists for virtual concerts. Recently, Fortnite, a game with around 12 million daily players, hosted Travis Scott, Marshmello and Ariana Grande. Millions of fans “watched” each of them.

League of Legends will soon host a big heavy metal concert by the band Pentakill. The event, scheduled for September 8 at 3 p.m. CT, will mark the band’s new album, Lost Chapter. A few companies are teaming up with Riot for the gig, like Wave and The Mill.

Virtual musicians

Tech companies and music labels are launching virtual groups with game characters. The genres range from heavy metal to K-Pop, and the members are usually part of the main characters. It turns out that video games are the best places to reach a younger audience, who use radio and cable TV less.

What’s new

Streamer on PC

This isn’t the first time the group has appeared in the game. In 2010, Pentakill premiered in LoL with five exclusive skins for the heroes of the game: Kayle, Olaf, Sona, Yorick, Mordekaiser and Karthus. These skins will receive several updates for the next album as the band explore different styles of heavy metal.

Fans expect an interactive concert with real-time entertainment and technology. At the next event, powered by Wave and The Mill, even facial movements will be reproduced in the live performance. Once the movements of the musicians have been captured, the developers can change their avatars. Rapper T-Pain, for example, has transformed into a giant fire-breathing demon.

And after

For Wave founder and CEO Adam Arrigo, the virtual stage is the future of live concerts. Social games combine the fun of playing, going out with our friends and even chatting with strangers. All without leaving your sofa.

These spaces have no physical constraints. We can therefore expect even larger audiences and even more incredible concerts. Digital concerts are also considered to mitigate the impact of the global crisis on the industry.


Digital technology is advancing rapidly, creating limitless options for musicians, fans and gamers. No place can accommodate millions of participants. No real arena can match the fun of live performance in-game either. Given the huge success of previous experiences, we are likely to see more of these concerts in the future.



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