Carmine Appice Says Vanilla Fudge Should Be In Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame: “We Made A Style Of Music”



Legendary drummer Carmine Appice (BLUE MURDER, VANILLA FUDGE, KING KOBRA) once again slammed the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, saying that the name of the institution should be changed to reflect the musicians who have been inducted.

VANILLA FUDGE should be in it, “he said Musical rhythm of the north coast in a new interview (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET). “I thought it was all about inspiration and stuff, influences on people. Come on, come on, GO-GO’S entered. Who did they influence? I know them. They are nice people and everything. But come on, man. They should Music hall of fame and having it just for… no influence and not what the Hall was originally designed for. As if I was in the Modern Drummer’s Hall of Fame. I’m here because of my influence and what I’ve done for the drums. Long Island has a Music hall of fame; VANILLA FUDGE are there for the same reason. I’m in the Heavy Metal Hall of Fame for influence; I’m not here for the number of records I’ve sold. Back in the day you got guys like Chuck berry are in it. He is there for the influence …

“Why do they leave out groups like FOREIGNER, groups like VANILLA FUDGE?” He continued. “DARK PURPLE is in it now. But before DARK PURPLE, we should have been in there. I mean, come on. We have influenced so many bands. We have created a style of music. We were there at the start of the FM radio station… We started the long song. And we still do, we’re still alive. And they’ve got people in there that’s not alive, which is good.

“A good thing they did [is] they showed [late VANILLA FUDGE bassist] Tim bogertphoto of, people who died. And I’m glad they did that. But if not, change the name. You put rappers there, you put people who have nothing to do with rock. I want to say, GO-GO’S. How is rock GO-GO’S? THE RUNNERS are not there, and they were all women. They were the first woman [rock band]. And it’s a matter of influence. This is stupid.

“People go, ‘You don’t care if you’re not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? ‘ I said, ‘I don’t care, because it’s getting out of date now’ ” Carmine added. “I know people who are there, and it hasn’t changed their careers. It hasn’t done them anything other than getting a HBO special. That’s it.”

In recent years, the rock room broadened its base to include rap artists such as the late Tupac Shakur and NWA The move drew criticism from many fans and fellow musicians who took issue with the acts of hip-hop – and other non-rock artists – being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Carminethe autobiography of, “Stick It !: My Sex, Drum & Rock ‘N’ Roll Life”, was published in May 2016 by Chicago Press Review.

VANILLA FUDGE were one of the first American groups to infuse psychedelia into the sound of heavy rock to create “psychedelic symphonic rock”, an eclectic genre that, among its many ramifications, would eventually turn into heavy metal.

Although at first the group did not record any original material, they were best known for their heavy, slow dramatic arrangements of contemporary pop songs which they developed into works of epic proportions.

Originally, VANILLA FUDGE was a blue eyed soul cover band called THE PIGEONS, formed in New Jersey in 1965 with the organist Mark Stein, bass player Tim bogert, drummer Joey brennan and guitarist, singer and US Navy veteran Vince martell. They built an following by performing extensively along the East Coast and made extra cash by providing independent live support to successful girl groups. In early 1966 the band recorded a series of eight demos which were released a few years later under the name “While the world ate vanilla fondant”.

The East Coast, especially New York and New Jersey, has created a sound of its own. Inspired by groups such as THE VALUES and THE VAGRANTS (led by the guitarist Leslie west of fame of the MOUNTAIN), THE PIGEONS reworked many of their own existing cover arrangements to reflect their unique interpretation of this “East Coast Sound”.

At the end of 1966, the drummer Joey brennan moved to the west coast. THE PIGEONS drummer and singer immediately recruited Carmine Appice, disciple of the famous Joe morello (BAND BY DAVE BRUBECK) and a seasoned veteran of the club scene. At the beginning of 1967, THE PIGEONS director Phil basile convinced producer George “Shadow” Morton (producer of THE SHANGRI-LAS and Janis Ian), to capture their live. Impressed by their heavy-rock, trippy and psychedelic version of THE SUPREMES“You keep me hooked”, Morton offered to record the song as a single. This resulted in an agreement with the Atlantic subsidiary company Atco, who requested a name change. The group settled down VANILLA FUDGE.

VANILLA FUDGE celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2017 and continues to rock the world as hard as ever.



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