CD Reviews – Hiraeth Lutharo




01. Introspection

02. Kill or have envy

03. What’s sleeping in your mind

04. Ghost

05. worship your path

06. Desperate abandonment

07. Valley of the Cursed

08. In silence we reign

09. Eclipse

10. Lost in a soul

As long as there are exciting new bands to fly the flag, heavy metal will never get old. LUTHARO Obviously subscribe to a similar point of view: The Canadiens’ self-released debut album is a mostly traditional metal record with bags of melody, tons of muscle power, and copious amounts of virtuoso musicality. But it’s also a fiercely contemporary affair, with nuances of everything from the grandeur of progressive, symphonic metal to the head-down clatter of heaviest metalcore and the dizzying, razor-sharp histrionics of BODOM CHILDREN. The seemingly intuitive ensemble is wrapped in some truly memorable songs and endowed with a sleek production that belies the band’s DIY status.

An opening burst that goes off with such ferocity that you risk spitting your coffee across the room, “Kill or want” is as exhilarating as an introduction to LUTHARO as one can wish. Vicious, precise and conspicuously detached from one of the usual predefined subgenres, it is also conspicuously metallic, with faint echoes of SWORN ENEMY at the start of the 21st century, Angela Gossow-led pomp, but with vocalist Krista shipperbasIt’s effortlessly transitioned from a clear, sonorous voice to a bitter grater as an extra layer of depth. Death metal is once again raising its head on the pitch black exhilaration of “Ghost”: almost a showcase for Shipper at the bottomthe voice of, it arrives adorned with ominous and hellish brass and riffs of an obviously evil hue.

On the other hand, “Worship your way” and “Hopeless abandonment” are both succinct and vividly melodic power metal hymns, imbued with the melodic sensibility of old school greats, but still with bloody knuckles and malicious intent. “Valley of the Cursed” and “Eclipse” are both simple rippers with symphonic fittings, like a cracked mirror FREE THE ARCHERS gone wild; “In silence we reign” is a raging assault of metallic heroism with razor-sharp fangs and spiraling ruptures of lead; closest epic “Lost in a soul” takes aim at the dramatic jugular, bursting into a blur of blastbeats and delivering a great melodic reward to be savored.

When you have the talent, the songs and the intensity, making good heavy metal records quickly becomes second nature. Achieving such a triumph on the first try, on the other hand, is the mark of a group with the right equipment and a very bright future. Bridging the gap between old and new with admirable skill, LUTHARO have given up on one of the most important debuts of this year.

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