Chinese international boy band INTO1 applauds Tokyo Olympics in song


promotional material from “INTO1’s Wonderland” Photo: Tencent video

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, a new EP single by Chinese boy group INTO1 was performed in Beijing for the first time on Friday to cheer for the Tokyo Olympics, the next intentional sports gala that has garnered global attention. The newly released song got fans excited as it marked a sort of preview of the group’s plans for the next two years of their stardom journey.

Comprised of 11 members from various countries such as Japan and the United States, the group was chosen by Chinese Internet giant Tencent to be an “enthusiastic ambassador” of the Tokyo Olympics, with the passionate rhythms of their new song conveying the international spirit of the sport to supporters and encourage Chinese athletes preparing for the event.

INTO1 members such as Lin Mo and Zhang Jiayuan expressed their enthusiasm, saying it is an honor to be chosen as Tencent’s ambassador for the biggest sporting event of 2021.

“I always watched the Olympics on television with my family when I was a child. I once told my dad that someday I wanted to make it too… I never thought my childhood dream would come true in such an unexpected way. Zhang said during the performance in Beijing on Friday.

Many fans have also taken to social media to express their pride in the group for taking on the new role.

“I follow many boy bands, but I think INTO1 is the most suitable group to take on this role. The harmonious feeling of members coming from different parts of the world actually shows the spirit of ‘fairness’ in the sport. and how athletes of different ethnicities, nationalities and identities are welcome to compete, ”Yunyi, an INTO1 fan in Beijing, told Global Times on Sunday.

INTO1 was formed during the popular Chinese Idol Competition CHUANG 2021 in April. Since then, he has gathered a large fan base.

“It’s different from other boy and girl groups in China. I find their chemistry especially special due to the multicultural nature of the group, and also, being a Chinese fan, I’m proud that our market is open enough. of spirit to embrace idols of different cultures, ”Chinese pop culture fan Nikki Zheng told the Global Times.

The group’s performance in Beijing took place within the framework of a conference presenting the group’s two-year development plan, which is called “INTO1’s Wonderland”.

“Exploring multicultural performances” and “developing cultural communication and convergence” are the two main directions that the group will follow over the next two years. The group aims to produce substantial musical works such as albums and organize live performances in the future, as well as to become more involved in television variety shows and to participate in events such as showtimes. autographs to get closer to the fans.

Beyond that, the group will also participate in events dedicated to the promotion of Chinese culture. For example, the group will serve as an ambassador for the conservation of the Great Wall of China and promote its long cultural history to fans around the world.


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