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Families used to pile into the car and drive to the mall to take Christmas photos with a professional photographer at a department store.

These days, people go to the mall to take selfies.

A new photo studio hopes to help people get as many likes as possible on their Instagram posts.

No Selfie Control, billed as Northwest Indiana’s first selfie shop, has opened in Hobart’s Southlake Mall.

The company, on the second floor of the mall, offers backgrounds with many different themes for staged photo shoots, such as engagements, birthdays and other special occasions. The selfie shop aims to help people “take their selfies to the next level” with fun and colorful backdrops including balloons, a large circus tent and the first class section of an airplane.

Customers can get discounts on TikTok Tuesdays.

Owner Lanita Boyce, an entrepreneur and mother of four, said the do-it-yourself photo studio includes selfie sticks, remote screens that let people see what’s in the frame and 10 to 12 different backgrounds at any time.

“We change them every two months,” she said. “We just replaced the Christmas scenes with a grass wall with a swing, a Valentine’s Day scene with sugar hearts, a carnival room. Some are interactive with clouds wandering around. We change every six to eight weeks or sooner if they don’t get as much traffic.”


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