Eddie Munson’s Resemblance To Metallica’s Kirk Hammett Is Uncanny


What makes ‘Stranger Things’ Eddie Munson so iconic to fans?

A Season 4 star in his own right, Munson has a rebellious attitude towards life with an obvious “don’t care” demeanor when it comes to other people’s opinions. He’s quirky, has a smile that could make fans’ hearts flutter, a grungy, heavy metal-inspired style with a ripped denim jacket, band t-shirt, and chunky rings; and finally, an 80s hairstyle which is an integral part of her look.

It was no surprise to learn of fans’ disappointment when they learned that for the role of Eddie Munson, Joseph Quinn wore a wig. The real-life actor sports a rather short and neat cut when it comes to his hair. Stranger Things hairstylist Sarah Hinsdgaul has revealed that Eddie Munson’s hair was inspired by that of the late Eddie van Halen, known as one of history’s greatest guitarists. Eddie van Halen co-founded the band Van Halen which eventually earned a place in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Looking at the two “Eddies” side by side, the similarities are undeniable, and “Rock and Roller” Eddie van Halen seems like the perfect inspiration for Eddie Munson’s character.

However, fans have noticed a resemblance between Eddie Munson and another famous musician that is even more remarkable.

One icon that today’s younger generation is certainly not so familiar with is Kirk Lee Hammett. Hammett is a songwriter and the lead guitarist for the world-famous heavy metal band Metallica, which continues to rock today. At one point in his career, Hammett was ranked 11th out of 100 of the greatest guitarists of all time by Rolling Stones magazine.

Comparing Eddie Munson and Kirk Hammett, the two have a lot more than hair in common. Although Hammet is now nearly 60 years old, photos of him in his youth bear an uncanny resemblance to the character played by Joseph Quinn when put side by side. A specific photo of young Kirk giving the camera a coy smile could be mistaken for Eddie Munson at a glance, and vice versa. It’s in the hair, the wide smile and defined dimples, the round, dark brown eyes. And the style of clothing he chose to wear of course.

Although Eddie Munson’s look has been confirmed to be inspired by Eddie van Halen, fans are speculating that elements of Kirk must also feature in Eddie’s character to some degree as well. Munson’s factual resemblance to Kirk is undeniable, the character is already a Metallica fan (let’s not forget the scene where he shredded Metallica’s Master of Puppets song on his guitar in the season finale in Upside Down) and fans have commented that his style resembles Hammett more than van Halen. The theory is that Joseph Quinn was chosen largely because of his resemblance to Kirk Hammett.

It appears the show’s producers haven’t commented on this, however, since their music was featured on the show, Metallica actually invited Joseph Quinn backstage on one of their Chicago tours to meet them. , he also got the chance to play guitar for them, to commemorate his hard work learning to play for the show.


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