Enthralling the music industry with his pure talent in hip-hop and singing: Harnoor Chandi.


The music industry is an artistic world, where artists perform their art on a huge platform called the music industry. But does every artist explore to the fullest? Well, it’s no small feat to establish yourself in the music industry and win the love of billions of viewers. Several young individuals definitely become the eminent personality of the music industry with their skillful musical art which is adored by the listeners. We meet one such musical artist who is gaining popularity through his career as a professional musician – Harnoor Chandi. The young artist is from Anupgarh, in Rajasthan.

The young artist is a hip-hop star, singer and performer, who never fails to win the hearts of the public with his musical artistry. For Harnoor, music had been his only passion since childhood. Started his career at the tender age of 14 and today he has gained immense fame and success which is also enhanced in his songs which have crossed millions of views and topped the chart list which includes – Rifle, SKY, Jatt Hood – Instrumental Version, Gng Hood – Instrumental Version, King Man, Always Vibing – Instrumental Version, Bad Roads, and the recent Cancelled, which was sung, written and composed by him. His multiple talents are widely recognized by his fans and massive audience. Harnoor’s unique talent and knowledge of music propels him amazingly forward in his career. The artist recorded the creation of 15 songs in 7 days.

The Rajasthani artist has gone through a long journey. He moved to the city of dreams Mumbai in 1993 to build his career. Harnoor was never afraid of failure; he just acquires knowledge and experience in each phase, which has made him the star of the world of hip-hop and rap, one of the most demanded and competitive musical genres. The self-taught artist has established his own aura of music and a special place in the hearts of the public, as his musical art has always entertained his audience by pouring happiness into his life. The artist is working on his next projects which will be presented soon.

Until then, stay tuned to his music art on his Spotify,

https://open.spotify.com/artist/5bjGvIQbpZf2ALeM3wHVif and follow him on Instagram @dj_clown.


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