Fall Band Showcase Highlights Four Student Bands


A chunky stage and collection of microphone and speaker stands took center stage on Stokes Lawn for the Boston College Music Guild’s annual Fall Band Showcase. Four bands played original songs and covers, earning cheers and applause from the crowd on Saturday afternoon.

All bands played up to 30 minutes and showed their passion and raw talent. The showcase provided a relaxing experience for the crowd, and some BC students who were studying in the quiet classrooms of Stokes Hall came out to listen to live music.

The showcase began with a performance by folk-rock band Whistle Rock, who noted that they were BC’s only folk-rock band. Andrew Vagra, MCAS ’24, made the band stand out with his passionate harmonica performance, adding a unique, melodious sound. The band members strummed their acoustic guitars to Tom Petty covers and played original songs, providing an electrifying start to the showcase.

As a crowd rushed in, the sun shone like a spotlight for the introduction of the second group, Jamsexual. The six-member band hit their original song titled “The Rockstar Song” with high spirits and captivating stage presence.

Following the rock and pop-rock theme of the band, he covered “Everybody Talks” by Neon Trees and the classic “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” by Tears for Fears. All the members – vocalist, guitarists, bassist, keyboardist and drummer – performed with soul and a groovy attitude.

The third act, Uncommonwealth, then took the stage. The band jammed their original designs, giving off a rocker vibe. Uncommonwealth then covered “Reptilia” by The Strokes, garnering praise with its strong guitar presence, and played some unreleased material. Uncommonwealth fans and friends cheered MCAS ’24 Cole Dumas as he hopped around while playing his guitar.

At the end of the event, all-female band Cherry Dawn Planet closed the showcase with their collection of punk rock songs. The entire crowd had dispersed for the Saturday night activities, but the group was unaffected. With guitars strapped to their shoulders and chic outfits and rockstar attitudes on display, the band members were ready to go wild.

Playing only original songs, Cherry Dawn Planet dabbled in new music, prefacing many performances by mentioning its limited rehearsal.

The electric bass roared over all the other instruments, and the band sang loudly along with songs like “Kiss Me Goodbye,” “Superiority Complex,” and “Flat Ass.” The sun set as Cherry Dawn Planet thanked the Stokes Lawn spectators and left the stage.


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