Five Finger Death Punch brings AfterLife and familiar hits to Darien Lake tonight


Five Finger Death Punch vocalist Ivan Moody in various recent interviews has revealed that four years ago he was dead for three and a half minutes before being revived – his body’s reaction to stopping cold turkey.

His bandmate, guitarist Zoltan Bothery, knows what Moody went through, revealing he briefly died aged 12.

“I was on my bike and used to get behind big trucks because I could go faster… You get into the draft (of the truck),” Bathory recalled during a ‘a telephone interview. “The bike started to get to a speed where it really wasn’t stable anymore.”

It was then that Bathory briefly took his eyes off the truck.

“I just plowed into the truck,” Bathory said. “I spent some time trying to find it (the truck). And at first I noticed, I can look behind a wall and I can look behind a bush. So I realized at that moment that I had had an out of body experience.

After a while Bathory regained consciousness and he actually walked away from the stage, much to the astonishment of the onlookers who had gathered.

Bathory said he was speaking out about the incident because Five Finger Death Punch’s new album, “AfterLife,” is partly about that unique experience he and Moody share.

Specifically, the album includes the song “Judgment Day,” which Bathory said was meant to be “a dying process soundtrack.” Moody’s reaction when Bathory gave him the music was all he needed to see.

“I gave the song to Ivan to write the lyrics,” Bathory recalled. “He panicked. He said ‘I’m not writing this song. I don’t want to (live it again).’”

Eventually, Moody remembered that he was actually at peace while he was dying, and he finished the lyrics. With that, all 10 songs were complete and “AfterLife” was set to be the popular hard rock/heavy metal band’s ninth studio album – seven of which went gold or platinum.

Headlining the Darien Lake Performing Arts Center tonight, Five Finger Death Punch put on a visually elaborate show and play plenty of hits.

“When you put in new things that people don’t know about, it changes the vibe (of the show),” Bathory said. “They can’t sing because they don’t know the song… So you can put new songs in, but you have to be careful and you have to be very smart where you put them in the set.”

Photo by Travis Shinn.


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