Former Iron Maiden frontman shocked he chose him



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Former Iron Maiden frontman Blaze Bayley (Wolfsbane) recently discussed his audition and legacy with the legendary metal band during a conversation with the ’80s Glam Metalcast. We have been sent the following clips. :

About the auditions for Iron Maiden: “They auditioned a lot and had a lot of tapes, and they already had my CDs. I asked for an audition and got it. I really thought they were going to look. someone who sounded like Bruce. Bruce Dickinson is a very influential metal singer, and there are a lot of singers who look like him because of that influence. I don’t know why, but I think they chose me because I was different. I was shocked, because I didn’t think I would have it. It was an audition of 10 songs that were almost always in the setlist. Songs like “Fear of The Dark” , “The Trooper” and “Hallowed by thy Name.” I thought for an hour, I’m the lead singer of Iron Maiden, and no one can take him away from me. That’s how I approached him , I couldn’t do anything anymore. There is no more preparation. If I’m wrong, it’s over. I knew all the parts because I was a big fan. I felt s that I was fine. Then there was a second audition where they recorded your voice to see how you’re going to be in the studio, which is very smart. I asked Steve Harris if I could get a tape of me singing along with the band’s backing track. He said ‘If you don’t come in we’ll send you a tape from the guy who did it’, which I found very hard! A few weeks later, I received a phone call which I was in. It was like a roller coaster ride after that, so intense! ”

On how his time in the band is viewed and his thoughts on Iron Maiden today:
“This is the girlfriend situation. This is where your favorite singer leaves your favorite band … it’s heartbreaking! It’s like you break up with your girlfriend and see her with a guy who’s taller, thinner and has better hair than you next week. I understand how fans would feel. A lot of fans around this time absolutely hate me, and that won’t change. Some fans are listening to ‘The X Factor’ and say Bruce sounds so different on this one! If they’re lucky they find out he’s a whole different singer and they come down the Blaze Bayley hole! Maiden still plays songs from my time because it ‘is a real band, making real music. We were all 100% committed back then. To not recognize this era of change is to say “it was not our choice”, “we did didn’t really like “and” we didn’t give it 100%. “Maiden put these songs in their set and made songs from all the albums (including the first two with Paul Di’Anno and my two) because everything is done with heart. Everything is done with pa session. You’ll never hear them say “we just made these albums for the money”. It’s not Iron Maiden. Iron Maiden is a passion and everything revolves around music. They don’t compromise and give in to anyone’s idea of ​​what Maiden should or shouldn’t be … and that’s why we love them! I am very lucky. I was at the top of my profession in what I consider to be the greatest Heavy Metal band of all time. They are truly one of the greatest bands in the history of music, alongside Led Zeppelin and The Who. ”

On her new album ‘War Within Me’: “With this album I wanted to do something that was openly positive. Something that was personal to me, about my depression issues and a self-destructive nature … but something that also says that I can do something about it, I don’t have to be a victim of circumstances. I can make some changes. That’s what I put in the lyrics of most of the songs from album. I think it went pretty well. Some of the words and phrases I used in the dark days I used in the lyrics of songs like “War Within Me”, “Pull Yourself Up “and” Warrior “. I did, did the album come out before the tour. Lots of fans got a chance to listen to it a bit. My fans sing these new songs like they sing for old ones. It’s a great feeling! A I think it’s so good I don’t want the government to know about it. Because he’s going to tax him! ” Check out the episode below:

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