Ghanaian music must step up and run with Nigerian music – Nii Ofoli Yartey


Ghana Music Alliance Chairman Nii Ofoli Yartey says the Ghanaian music industry needs to do better to catch up with its Nigerian counterparts.

He made the claim in an interview with Kofi Hayford of Joy Entertainment, during the African Music Business Dialogue, held at the Silverbird Cinema in the Accra Mall.

Speaking on Friday, March 18, the veteran music industry executive felt that Ghanaians have a nonchalant attitude towards work.

This follows his take on the Ghana-Nigeria musical rivalry which has been all the rage for a few years.

Nii Yartey, popularly known as Seven, said, “We have to have people to look up to…really to me, I think we’re lazy people, naturally we’re kind of relaxed and laid back, and those [Nigerians] are more aggressive people than us”.

He further mentioned that Ghanaians are creating, while Nigerians are “definitely making things better”.

He stressed that the Ghanaian music industry needed to develop a more aggressive attitude towards work, citing Nigerians as “the closest people we can look up to”.

Concluding, Nii Ofoli Yartey instructed the Ghanaians to accept the competition as it’s only natural, saying ‘we have to step up and basically run with them’.


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