Go Ahead And Die announces live debut in Arizona



Go Ahead And Die announces live debut in Arizona

Go Ahead and Die has announced its official live debut, which will take place in Tempe, Ariz. On September 25 at the Marquee. This event is held in honor of Dana “D-Low” Wells, son-in-law of band frontman Max Cavalera, who died in 1996. The show will also include appearances from Incite and Healing Magic, which features the beau- son of Cavalera Richie Cavalera and his son Igor Amadeus Cavalera, respectively.

Max Cavalera is best known as a member of Soulfly, an LA-based heavy metal band that has been active since 1997. Other members of Go Ahead and Die include Igor Cavalera and Zach Coleman, both of whom are also members of Khemmis. Coleman is also a member of Black Curse, a black / doom metal band.

After their reveal in January, the group released their first music teaser in early February. Go Ahead and Die released their first single “Truckload Full of Bodies” in March, followed by the release of “Roadkill” in May. “Truckload Full of Bodies” was inspired by deaths caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, which was exacerbated by inadequate government responses in its early days. “Roadkill” is equally political, as it deals with the plight of the homeless, many of whom have seen their lives worsen as a result of the pandemic.

“’Truckload Full Of Bodies’ is a ram and a punch to those in power who had no problem watching so many people die. I think that perfectly sets the tone for the album, ”Coleman explained when it was released.




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