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LEWES, Of the. – Paul Cullen says he was inspired to start Paul Kares, Inc. while raising money for local charities through Meals on Wheels. He says the pandemic has slowed the process, but a “kids concert” at the Milton Theater on Father’s Day officially kicked off his plans by raising money for new programs and summer camps.

“Most people know I was a rock star at one point,” Cullen says. “I played in Bad Company in the early 90s.”

Cullen is also a professional and private chef. He cares about helping young people follow similar passions and created Paul Kares, Inc. to advance his experiences.

“With the music, it could be a clarinet,” Cullen says. “We’ve got some of the donated ones that we’re willing to give away and then education. We’re going to do things here too. I’m planning on doing a music business course where I can tell them about my experiences over the past 42 years, what to do and what not to do.”

Paul Kares, Inc. offers cooking and music lessons, but another goal is to teach kids about all of the industries and possibly host a kids’ event at Paul’s Kitchen and its music venue, The Room at Cedar Grove in Lewes.

Executive director Michael Whitehouse has writers and musicians in his family.

“It takes a lot of encouragement to continue in those areas,” Whitehouse said.

He is grateful to be part of the association and its goals of offering workshops and even college scholarships.

“It can be as simple as helping them buy musical instruments or cooking tools,” says Whitehouse. “We are cheerleaders in a conduit to give those resources back to kids who are excited about music and become leaders.”

Cullen is grateful to have a successful career and to have given young people opportunities to be grateful.

“I’ve been lucky enough to make a living following my passions,” Cullen says. “Anyway, maybe they don’t need to get into this job, maybe it’s another job, but at least I could help them follow their passions.”

Paul Kares, Inc. sends applications to local colleges, high schools, and music schools. Whitehouse says they hope to offer the first nonprofit scholarship this summer.

Cullen says interested volunteers can help out at events by checking guests in at the door or they can even cook and serve food.

The non-profit organization’s next fundraiser is a golf tournament on October 4, 2022 at Mulligans Point.


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