Hilltop Hoods ft. Eamon, ‘Show Business’


Any new Hilltop Hoods song is big news, but when it’s their first single in nearly two years, it’s even more remarkable.

The hip Adelaide icons are back with ‘Show Business’, their first release since 2020’s COVID-themed hit ‘I’m Good?’. They recruited powerful American soul singer Eamon for the bubbly track, which sees the band deal with the ups and downs of a lifetime in the music industry.

“The idea for ‘Show Business’ came from something my buddy Dools used to say to me whenever he called me on the road,” Suffa explained. “I would inevitably be stuck in a gas station in the middle of nowhere with a hangover every time he called, weeks away from getting home and he’d still be laughing and going, ‘What, and quit show business? The lows can be pretty bad in the music industry, especially over the past two years, but the highs are worth it.

The official music video for “Show Business” was directed by Nash Edgerton (Mr. In-Between, gringo) and filmed in Sydney: a group of imprisoned clowns (played by the Hoods themselves) meet their match as terrifying children, coerced under pressure into performing their best tricks.

“‘Show Business’ is a song about the trials of a career in the music industry,” Pressure said. “It’s probably my favorite music video, even though it looks like a serial killer dressed as a clown. Nash Edgerton killed it; we were super excited, he agreed to do another music video with us after working on ” I Love It” with him.

Although there’s no official word yet, “Show Business” could be the first taste of Hilltop Hoods’ ninth studio album. Their last album, 2019 The great expansewas their fifth consecutive ARIA number one.

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