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Music Row 411, a music education provider, has announced an update to its online membership platform. The platform caters to the community of songwriters, singers, and independent artists who want to increase their chances of success in the music industry.

To enable talented new artists to succeed in the competitive music industry, the updated platform gives members access to the latest music industry information, insider secrets, special offers and tools.

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Music Row 411 educates and empowers creators by helping them write better songs, build better brands, and book better gigs. Using the updated membership platform, creators can increase their income, place and promote their music, become songwriters, and earn a living in a fast-paced and highly competitive industry.

Most creators don’t know what it takes to succeed in the music industry. Music Row 411 helps these creators get the critical knowledge, information, and support they need to build successful careers.

Music Row 411 members have access to Better Songwriting 101, a course that helps musicians compose meaningful and commercially viable material. The company emphasizes mastering the fundamentals before moving on to advanced songwriting and music production.

As Nashville’s premier music education company, Music Row 411 offers helpful guides to avoiding common songwriting and demo recording mistakes. Music Row 411 teaches creators how to think like professionals. Their team understands the importance of industry etiquette and the basics of musicality when building a career and share their experience to support talented new artists.

About Music Row 411

Music Row 411 is a digital learning platform for independent songwriters, musicians and artists. It was created by Grammy-nominated singer and songwriter Beth Raebeck Hall. She is also co-founder of Tin Pan South. With many years of professional experience in the music industry, Music Row 411 can provide the essentials music creators need to succeed.

A satisfied customer said, “Beth has been a great friend and mentor since I moved to Nashville a few years ago. His extensive knowledge of the music industry goes hand in hand with his passion for helping entrepreneurs, songwriters and artists.

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Name: Beth Hall
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Organization: Music Row 411
Address: undefined, Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Build ID: 89063945

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