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We speak to one of the 11 artists revealed for ‘Eurovision – Australia decides 2022’. Hailing from Perth, Western Australia, this band will bring their unique 80s-infused progressive rock sound to the Australia Decides scene on the Gold Coast. It’s Danny from Voyager.

Thanks for joining us.

Thank you. Thank you very much for inviting me. It’s, it’s a pleasure. And I’m really excited to talk to you.

Congratulations on being selected for Australia Decides 2022, what was your reaction when you found out you had been selected?

Disbelief, denial, grief, no grief was not one of those stages… I think it took me a while to digest. What’s actually going to happen because you say “Oh cool” and then you’re “Oh wow” is going to happen. You begin to imagine yourself on stage. Then little by little that excitement built up, and we were like oh my god. That’s kind of where I got to in this space, probably about 10 minutes after I got the call from my manager that we’re in.

What can you tell us about your entry ‘Dreamer’?

The song ‘Dreamer’ is really a mix of all the things Voyager does best in my opinion. It was a challenge to condense it all into three minutes… You know, metal and prog, they’re usually good to play, for four minutes, five minutes, some of them are more extreme prog bands, like 10 minutes, nobody wants to hear that, it’s too long. So really put all the best stuff in there. There’s electronica, there’s 80s synth pop, there’s a catchy chorus. Of course, there are big heavy metal guitars, because who doesn’t like that? Those are all sorts of things we wanted to put in there. But to be honest, the song wasn’t really written for Eurovision. It was produced to fit into Eurovision, when we found out it was supposed to be three minutes long, but it was written largely as a sort of organic Voyager song to make a lot of people feel like between them start, like an electronic type number, then we put some heavy guitars in there… So I’m really excited about that. I think it’s really catchy. I think that’s really cool. There are ups and downs and downs and left and right turns. So, I think with the right light show, it’s going to be epic.

Now, with the “Dreamer” music video, there’s moving lights and a nice electronic-style aesthetic. Can you tell us a bit about the direction of the clip and the lighting?

We wanted the video to capture what a Voyager performance would be like and complement that with the lighting. There’s a wonderful venue here in Perth called Magnet House Night Club, and they have this amazing moving roof with billions of LEDs in there. So it worked really well, because the song has this kind of electronica dance type vibe. If you listen to the song itself, at first it doesn’t sound like a rock song or a metal song, you think, oh, it’s a dance song. Then the guitars come in, you can see what they’re doing. So the video might really want to capture a live performance in its essence.

At the end of the day, we’re a band, and when we get to Eurovision, I want to make sure we’re not just a perfectly choreographed act from Azerbaijan. We are a group. And that’s what we do best. That’s what we did. Why change that?

Did you submit the song [into the portal] where were you approached [for Australia Decides]?

It was a bit of both. So we obviously tried to get in [Australia Decides] 2020 with ‘Runaway’. It almost succeeded and so believe it or not we submitted a few songs and I actually wrote a song specifically for Eurovision using Eurovision’s kind of formula grabbing things I had seen over the past decades. And they were like “yeah, not bad, and this one?”. Alright, well, alright. I didn’t think this one was going to be that one but I always knew, a dream I had, that it had something quite special because it’s quite different. So now I can see why this was selected.

Let’s talk about Eurovision, in the SBS announcement video you mention that growing up as a young boy in Germany, the contest was always in your life. You are a longtime fan of the contest. What does Eurovision represent for you?

It’s the biggest show…you can even forget about the World Cup and all that stuff, because it combines so many things that people love. Everyone loves music, if not, something is wrong with you. If you love music, you love entertainment, you love a show, it’s all here. You can support it competitively. You enter the life of the artists, you become their friend for a few weeks, and you wonder what they are doing. It’s just that it’s all there. Everything you want in terms of entertainment, it’s all there.

Well, that’s probably a tough question to ask, what’s your most favorite Eurovision entry?

Well, I did a few interviews and said stuff like Loreen and ‘Euphoria’ and Verka Serduchka. These are my favorites in terms of overall performance.

I made a little list beforehand of things that I thought were obscure but interesting. I thought of Hungary 2014 with a song called ‘Running’. It’s like drums and bass. I thought that was really cool. The other was Bulgaria Poli Genova which is probably a little less obscure in I think 2016’s ‘If Love Was A Crime’. But my I think one of my all-time favorites, going back a while, is Silvia Night, ‘Congratulations’. It’s an epic performance.

Finally, if you had the opportunity to go to Turin for Eurovision 2022 but you could only take three items with you, what would you take?

Uh, one, *points at a keytar* two, *points at another keytar* and three *plays melodica*….

No just kidding. I probably only need one piano type instrument. I don’t know what I’m taking. A punnet of raspberries and a bottle of rum.

It looks good. Excellent combination. We can’t wait to see your song released and see what you have planned for Australia Decides 2022 on the Gold Coast. Best regards and thank you so much for speaking to Aussievision today!

The written interview has been shortened for the purposes of the article. Check out all the questions and the full answers here in our YouTube video of the interview.

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You can catch Voyager perform at ‘Eurovision – Australia Decide 2022’ on the Gold Coast on February 25-26 with other amazing Australian artists vying for the coveted spot to represent Australia at Eurovision 2022 at Turn , in Italy. Tickets are available hereyou can also watch the Australian Eurovision National Final on SBS on February 26.


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