Is Little Mix breaking up? They plan solo careers


Girl group Little Mix gave fans hit songs they love. For many, they are the first all-girl group in quite some time to give fans the bops they’ve been looking for. With catchy and catchy tracks and lyrics that people can relate to, it’s no surprise how popular they have become. But that doesn’t mean it was all easy.

Is Little Mix breaking up?

Different sources say Little Mix will be going their separate ways in 2021, but the group has yet to officially announce it. The sun reports that they plan to make an official announcement on this in November. “There has been a lot of speculation about the future of Little Mix but it is now very clear that the end of the road has been reached,” a source told the publication.

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“A date is set to announce the separation. The next tour will be a farewell to their fans,” the source continued.

But this isn’t the last time you’ll hear from the individual members of Little Mix. Each apparently has plans for a solo career, according to another article from The sun. They worked to secure transactions and manage individual records. But the article also says the group could take an indefinite hiatus instead of a full-blown breakup.

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Little Mix was in a drama with Nicki Minaj.

For some, the news of a breakup with Little Mix is ​​hardly surprising. There has been drama in the group for a while, with Leigh-Anne accusing former member Jesy Nelson of “fishing on the hook.” People have said that the music video for Jesy’s song, “Boyz,” is about her black male fetish and their culture. But she has an ally in Nicki Minaj.

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When Jesy was accused of black-fishing, Nicki – who once worked with the group – defended her. “When you try to bring down someone because you see them trying to pursue their passion and earn money to feed their family, you are a clown,” Nicki told Instagtam Live.

Nicki also accused Leigh-Anne of leaking the messages herself because Jesy chose to leave the group. But Leigh-Anne also denied this.

It turns out that the black-fishing accusations started when messages between the members of Little Mix leaked, which also would have been the beginning of the end of the group.

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Some fans even go so far as to accuse Nicki of breaking Little Mix.

“@NICKIMINAJ you are a bully and a horrible human being,” the tweet says. “And now we have to see the most iconic girl group of our time disband because you bullied them! We don’t need your return as a comeback, you are horrible and nowhere as good as Cardi B. “


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