“It was like a bunch of boys” – Seth Rollins explains why The Shield stood out


Seth Rollins explains why The Shield stood out. All three of the group have gone on to become singles stars with multiple world title reigns.

Few factions and teams have captured the imagination of fans like the Shield has. And from the moment they debuted too. The crowd was mesmerized by what they had seen and wanted to see more of Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns. There was a frenzy among the fans for the trio; who would all become the future of wrestling.

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Rollins recently appeared on Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Sessions. They discussed the group’s success with Rollins attributing their unique presentation to helping them quickly overcome fans despite being villainous characters.

Seth Rollins explains why The Shield stood out

“Dude, it was like a bunch of boys, you know what I mean?” It was a weird fandom where we were heels but no one cared. We went down through the crowd, everything was different, the old Sandman entrance, the music was awesome. Even the promo style, where we were moving the camera around, sort of looking into it, nobody was doing that at the time. Everything was just new.

Rollins also added that the trio traveled and stayed together throughout their WWE run as a group on the advice of former WWE producer Joey Mercury.

Their initial run lasted from 2012 to 2014. The group arrived in heels but eventually turned into faces following the huge receptions they would receive from the crowds. The faction eventually broke up after Rollins turned to Ambrose and Reigns to ally with Triple H in order to achieve his own ambitions.

The faction will join and separate again years later. With Ambrose on the verge of coming out, the group joined forces one last time before they went their separate ways again. Unlike the previous two occasions, this time they did it as brothers, greeting fans for the last time as a group.

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