Jackson State receives $300,000 arts and entertainment grant to support student success in the music industry


Jackson State University (JSU) has recently been reward a grant of $300,000 from a Partnership between Apple and the Propulsion center—“a one-of-a-kind innovation and learning hub for the HBCU community” in Atlanta.

To select JSU music students go Gain learn about the industry and explore potential careers through the Cortez Bryant Foundation’s Creative Leadership for the Music Industry Professional Pipeline program, which aid develop pathways for students wishing to enter the music industry.

“The Cortez Bryant Foundation is grateful to have the opportunity to serve as an industry partner for this groundbreaking collaboration,” said Nina Parker, foundation strategist who is also the author of the grant. “We are excited to create a pathway into the music industry for JSU music students through professional development and project-based learning opportunities.”

Cortez Bryant, an entertainment mogul who teaches Jackson Statealso celebrated the funding.

“This grant truly makes a difference for HBCU youth through music and supports the next generation of black entertainment executives and artists. We are honored they have chosen the Cortez Bryant Foundation and Jackson State University,” did he declare.

Dr. Charles Gibbs, president of the Propel Center HBCU Consortium, shared that the organization simply supports JSU permanent mission to promote student success.

“It was clear that Jackson State University has a distinct mission to support its students through the implementation of innovative research and technology to advance the opportunities of their students who wish to pursue careers in the entertainment industry. We salute JSU in this effort,” he said. noted.

“The project merges creativity and technology to provide a comprehensive learning experience for our students who envision a future in music and entertainment. This is the beginning of our efforts to develop the next wave of music industry professionals. music,” added JSU Provost. Dr Alisa Mosley.

JSU the arts and entertainment grant is part of the Propel Center program bigger funding grants for HBCUs. Other universities like University of the District of Columbia, Alabama Stateand Prairie View A&M also received funding for various projects.

The news comes soon after Jackson State and a handful of other illustrious institutions have received the Getty Images Photo Archive Fellowship for HBCUs, such as Blavity Previously reported.


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