Katharine McPhee and David Foster’s musical “advice” for their son

  • Katharine McPhee imagined the advice she and David Foster could give their son about pursuing music.
  • She thinks that if he needs their advice, it “probably won’t happen” for him.
  • The couple married in 2019 and had son Rennie in February 2021.

Katharine McPhee Foster and her husband David Foster share a wealth of information about the music industry with each other. But their 21-month-old son Rennie David Foster is unlikely to rely on any advice if he is considering entering the industry.

“I know what my husband would say and I guess I kind of embraced his belief,” McPhee Foster told Fox News Digital. “He was like, ‘If you need my advice or if you need me to tell you how to figure it out, then it’s probably not going to happen to you. “”

Both McPhee Foster and Foster have long and successful careers in music. McPhee’s debuted in 2006 after winning runner-up on season five of “American Idol” and went on to star in the NBC musical drama “Smash” in the early 2010s. Foster, who is 35 years older than his wife, also has a storied career in the music industry, having won 16 Grammy Awards as a producer, songwriter and musician. The two first met when Foster joined “American Idol” as a guest trainer and married 13 years later.

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McPhee Foster previously posted a photo on Instagram in May 2021 showing her husband lifting Rennie above the keys of a grand piano. In a February 2022 interview with People, Foster joked that her then 11-month-old son played “Mozart and Bach to perfection.”

McPhee Foster told Fox News she believes “people who are really supposed to do something” will figure out how to make it happen on their own.

“I think practice and perseverance are probably the best keywords we’ll share with him to get there,” she said. “But the only person who can figure it out for yourself is you.”


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