Leading music promoter Mike Leffingwell talks about the effect of the recession on music gigs


Nashville-based leading music promoter Mike Leffingwell outlines the industry’s post-recession situation amid canceled music festival events around the world

Mike Leffingwell currently ranks among the largest and most sought after music promoters in the country. Therefore, it makes sense to listen to him when he talks about the music industry, as he recently expressed his opinion on how the recession has hit the world of concerts and music festival events. Mike made the statement during a meeting in Nashville with some of the top artist management companies over the weekend.

Promoters are the players in the business and we get reimbursed for what it cost to put them on“Mike said speaking to Nashville Music World referring to the people in costume in the business.”There are parts of the country where you don’t want to take artists or a music festival and the one I know that has the worst numbers is the Lake of the Ozarks. Everyone thinks it’s a place with money, but there’s a lot of smoke and mirrors and there’s 5 months of lake weather for boaters and that’s it..”

Describing himself as a numbers guy not full of hopes and dreams, Mike said the government has not particularly created a good environment for the entertainment industry, not thanks to high petrol prices and the ‘inflation. According to him, the situation has worsened the experience of people post-Covid and confined to their homes, making it difficult for them to go out and socialise.

Change up your routines and bring entertainment to places that appreciate it and only ever do a few events a year start booking 20 or more so if one gets canceled it’s okay with the shots fist“, said Mike Leffingwell giving the best advice of the year to other promoters.

After delivering a captivating speech in front of around 70 guests, including executives of prominent musical artists, one of the attendees said, “I never question Mike because he tells the truth even when we don’t want to hear it he has no filter but I trust him.”

The likes of The Pretty Reckless, Chris Stapleton, Ringo Starr, Rolling Stones, Doobie Brothers, The Strokes and a host of others had to cancel their tours. Music festivals such as Day N Vegas, Viva! LA Music Fest, Voodoo Fest and Glastonbury Festival have been canceled or postponed.

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