Lee Greenwood celebrates 40 years of music in Huntsville



Lee Greenwood is back in Huntsville ahead of a dedicated event scheduled for Tuesday.

Several fans packed North Hall on Monday at the Von Braun Center for a VIP meetup with the country singer and songwriter.
Lee told WAAY 31 he was happy to be back in Alabama.

“I love Huntsville and performed at the Von Braun Center a few times during the tour, but these are two really special nights for us in Huntsville,” said Greenwood.

Lee Greenwood celebrates 40 years in the music business!

He won’t perform here like he has in the past, but other musical artists will perform his hits in a star salute celebration.

40 artists will sing 40 years of Lee Greenwood hits.

“I am humbled for it,” Greenwood said. “I’m a little overwhelmed to tell you the truth because we have people coming from all over the place.”

Alex Miller is from Lancaster, KY. It is a former competitor of American Idol who will sing tomorrow.

“Lee Greenwood, as everyone knows, has had great success with ‘God Bless the USA’ and many other hits as well,” Miller said. “The fact that I’ve been asked to do that and grow up and listen to this song and what it means to all kinds of people, it’s just an honor to be here to represent a part of what ‘he did. I just got started in the music business and it’s not having someone like that to do stuff for. “

In addition to his music, Greenwood is passionate about helping veterans by helping a hero.

Their organization has built more than 100 homes in 23 states.

Recently, they teamed up with Breland Homes to build a house in northern Alabama.

The winner will be announced at the concert on Tuesday.

Zack Zimmerman says Helping a Hero granted him a home after he was injured in Afghanistan in 2010.

“Lee has spent his whole life loving this country and our veterans and everyone and it’s just, I have so many memories of Lee’s song in my life and it’s so great to be here and to spending time with him and just being with him, ”Zimmerman said.

Tickets for the event are still available if you are interested.

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