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Slipknot released their seventh album, The end so farfrom midnight on September 30. It’s available to stream now, and you can hear it right now. The end so far is the Iowa-born masked metal band’s first studio effort since their 2019 album We are not your type.

Looking back, Slipknot has been preparing listeners for the album for nearly two years. In March 2021, Slipknot singer Corey Taylor said the effort would be “conceptual”. In May 2021, Slipknot’s drumming clown called it “the music of God”. A month later, Clown confirmed that it would be the band’s last release on Roadrunner Records, their longtime label.

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The first of The end so far that Slipknot fans heard was the November 2021 pre-release single, “The Chapeltown Rag”. Then, the album’s first official single, “The Dying Song (Time to Sing)”, arrived in July 2022. A follow-up, “Yen”, appeared in August 2022.

Taylor called The end so far a “heavier version” from 2004 Flight. 3: (The subliminal verses). Taylor’s son, Griffin Taylor, plays in the metal band Vended alongside Crahan’s son, Simon Crahan. Vended’s latest single, also from July 2022, is called “Ded to Me”.

Slipknot’s 2022 “Knotfest Roadshow” Fall Tour is currently taking place across the United States with support from Ice Nine Kills and Crown the Empire. Get tickets here.

Listen to Slipknot The end so far

The end so far Album Art + Track List

Slipknot, ‘The End, So Far’

Roadrunner folders

1. “Add all”
2. “The Dying Song (Time to Sing)”
3. “The Chapeltown Rag”
4. “Yen”
5. “Spirit of the Hive”
6. “Warranty”
7. “Medicine for the Dead”
8. “Acid”
9. “Legacy”
10. “H377”
11. “DeSade”
12. “Final”

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