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The Mumbai Midhaven Metal Band. Photo: KU Mohanan

Seven years after their first album Bewitched, the metallurgists of Mumbai Midhaven are making a comeback with a new single called “Primal Song”.

Extract from their next album Lotus and love at first sight (released July 8), the song explores an appropriate visceral side of the band that has previously explored sludge, prog, and heavy metal. “Primal Song”, produced by the group and Apurv Agrawal and mixed and mastered by Australian engineer Forrester Savell, hammers on a more succinct and blunt sound, prefacing the seven-track record.

Guitarist-singer Aditya Mohanan – who joined Midhaven in late 2017 – takes the lead vocals, while Karan Kaul brings bursts of edgy, dissonant riffs to match the clockwork beats of drummer Aviraj Kumar. Mohanan, a member of former death metal band Killchain, said of the song: “There aren’t a lot of words – it was made to convey that frustration, that fire.” Fire is also one of the main motifs in the music video for “Primal Song”, shot by filmmaker / photographer Swapn Gupta.

Among the first songs written for Lotus and love at first sight with “Codeman” in 2018, the trio remembers how Midhaven first focused on becoming good friends and then on that rapport when it came to composing. “When you see this video, it shows how much we’ve grown as a band. It’s just 10 levels above. I hope that’s something people recognize as well… how much we’ve grown as a band, ”says Kumar.

There are metaphysical ideas at the heart of the new album’s narrative, reinforced by the tapestry-shaped artwork of visual artist Gaurav Basu aka Acid Toad for the recording. Drummer adds that they are planning an “organized merch” including t-shirts, posters, rolling papers and CDs.

Interestingly, the album was completed in 2019 and just as Midhaven was gearing up for a big year, the pandemic set their plans back. Even now, they don’t hope to tour as such, looking for other ways to promote the album, such as live performance videos. Kaul says of the wait: “We used this time to perfect the album.” Kumar adds, “It’s gotten to a point where we can’t just stick with it anymore. “

It’s clear that Midhaven’s way of letting go is more of letting go, as “Primal Song” points out. At the center is the strong friendship of Midhaven, whom Kaul calls “an unholy trinity.” He adds, “This album is basically we take a huge part of ourselves and put it out there. The satisfaction came from the fact that it was for us. We had to write it for us.

Watch the video for “Primal Song” below.



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