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LONDON, NEW YORK and PARIS, February 17, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — The second annual study, BE THE CHANGE, Women Making Music 2022, conducted by MIDiA Research and sponsored by TuneCore/Believe, launches today. The study will look at women and sexual minority creators in the music industry, revealing their challenges, experiences, inspirations and ambitions for the future.

This study follows the previous groundbreaking project BE THE CHANGE: Women Making Music, in 2021. Drawing on first-hand accounts of their experiences, as well as the results of a survey, the report[LINKhttps://midiaresearchcom/reports/be-the-change-women-making-musics’estpenchésurlesparcoursdifficiles(etparfoisdouloureux)auxquelsdenombreuxcréateurssontconfrontéstelsquelesformesdirectesdediscriminationlesproblèmesendémiquesdesous-représentationetlespréjugésinconscientsenplusd’explorerlesproblèmesquiaffectentlaconfiancedescréateurs[LINKhttps://midiaresearchcom/reports/be-the-change-women-making-musicdelvedintothechallenging(andsometimespainful)journeysthatmanycreatorsfacesuchasdirectformsofdiscriminationendemicissuesofunder-representationandunconsciousbiasinadditiontoexploringissuesthataffectcreators’confidence[LIENhttps://midiaresearchcom/reports/be-the-change-women-making-musics’estpenchésurlesparcoursdifficiles(etparfoisdouloureux)auxquelsdenombreuxcréateurssontconfrontéstelsquelesformesdirectesdediscriminationlesproblèmesendémiquesdesous-représentationetlespréjugésinconscientsenplusd’explorerlesproblèmesquiaffectentlaconfiancedescréateurs[LINKhttps://midiaresearchcom/reports/be-the-change-women-making-musicdelvedintothechallenging(andsometimespainful)journeysthatmanycreatorsfacesuchasdirectformsofdiscriminationendemicissuesofunder-representationandunconsciousbiasinadditiontoexploringissuesthataffectcreators’confidence

Last year’s study found that some of the barriers women face in the music industry are gaining recognition thanks to the growing number of networks and industry groups. Nevertheless, there are still many challenges and obstacles, many of which remain misunderstood and unresolved.

Some key findings from ‘Be The Change’, 2021:

  • Gendered expectations have skewed recognition and reward in the music industry: of 401 female creators globally, 81% believe it’s harder for female artists to gain recognition than for males.
  • Nearly two-thirds of female creators identified sexual harassment or objectification as a top challenge, making it by far the most frequently cited issue
  • Although the overall representation of women in society has increased over the past decades, 84% of women still feel that there is a perception that women are expected to take the primary role of parenting responsibilities. The music industry wants female artists to be young – partly a symptom of the industry’s obsession with youth, but also for women to succeed before they decide to take on the role of mother.
  • To bring more female creators into the industry, women want change to come from within music industry organizations and leaders through diversity, policy and culture, 42% d of them declaring this as one of the “top three” reasons to encourage more women in the industry. . In the meantime, 38% of creators want to see this organizational change supported by legislation

The aim of this year’s study is to delve deeper into these questions. Its scope will seek to include the challenges faced by other gender identities, as well as the incremental changes caused by the pandemic. With the help of many industry partners, such as Women in Music, Keychange/PRS Foundation, Music Business Association, Twitch, CD Baby, Songtrust, Ableton, Splice, MI Therapy and others, the goal of this survey is to reach more creators. on a truly global scale. New this year is the contribution of men regarding their perception of gender issues and how they can act as allies in the pursuit of equality, as well as the collection of data from women executives in the music industry to better understand their challenges as well.

Marc MulliganManaging Director of MIDiA Research, said: “Last year’s ‘BE THE CHANGE’ report played a crucial role in putting the numbers behind the industry dynamics shaping the experience of women in music. This year, we want to take this a step further, getting even more specific about the changes that can be made, and identifying how men can play ally roles to help ensure the dial really starts to turn. industry has to say.”

Andreea GleesonCEO of TuneCore, commented, “To create real change, each of us must start with what we can control as individuals and be the change we want to see, hence the name of the When our daily behavior in our personal life embraces inclusivity, and we incorporate these practices into our professional lives, that’s when we see significant changes taking place in the music industry. study serves as the basis for this change and we are delighted to sponsor such a meaningful project.

Imogen Heapin her foreword to ‘BE THE CHANGE – Women Making Music 2021’ said “…it took me 20 years to realize how much an unknown force being a woman in this male dominated industry had pulled against me. It’s so ingrained, I couldn’t see the wood for the trees, I didn’t know anything else, It was all I ever knew.

We still have a long way to go before reports like these are no longer needed. There are many incredibly talented people in the industry who come from diverse backgrounds and still remain in the minority. It will take all of us – every creator and every institution – to step up to show that bias is not okay, and that inclusivity and equality must be built into people’s values ​​and beliefs in order to truly drive positive change. .”



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