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Melissa Jimenez, Executive Director, MusicTT –

The production of extensive play recordings from Spotlight artists, the encouragement of local artists to be represented at the Recording Academy, and educational webinars are just a few of the programs conducted by TT Music Company Ltd (MusicTT) during of the past three years.

The programs were conducted in accordance with the organization’s mandate to stimulate and facilitate the commercial development and export activity of the music industry in TT in order to generate national wealth.

That’s what CEO Melissa Jimenez said, describing the projects during the What’s Going on at MusicTT webinar? Thursday.

Jimenez said that in 2019, the organization completed the second edition of its Spotlight series, its artist portfolio development program. She said the Live Music District program has expanded to the WE Beat Festival and Carifesta.

“MusicTT has hosted three Caribbean Business of Music Export workshops, created the monthly RVRB webinar series with industry professionals, and partnered with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and the Intellectual Property Organization TT to produce the second Building Respect for IP video. We’ve also partnered with sync licensing company SoStereo to allow artists to monetize their music.

Jimenez said that with the advent of the pandemic in 2020, most programs have moved online. She said the 2020 schedules included partnering with Aspire Agency and Golden Eagle to produce three online quarantine concerts, the first of which brought together 59,000 people, with the others attracting similar numbers.

“Spotlight 3 has been completed, and in addition to the training provided as part of the program itself, participants took a new branding masterclass with Carla Parris, one-on-one mentorship with producer Kasey Phillips and received scholarships. allowing Coursera to attend Berklee College of Music.

“The Live Music District partnered with the then Ministry of Community Development, Culture and the Arts to produce 12 Live at Lunch events and seven We Inside Instagram events.”

In addition, 15 RGB virtual webinars were held and 15 people were chosen to attend an Audio Essentials songwriting session with Theron Thomas of R City.

“We are very proud to have recognized Port of Spain as a city of music within the framework of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network. This was a year-long application process, so we are very proud of this achievement.

“We have hosted ten episodes of Tea Time with MusicTT, featuring local and international music professionals. We have also partnered with Thrive for Crea8 48 to create an international online showcase for the creative industries, which has achieved high visibility. “

Jimenez said MusicTT board members were serving on panels at the International Music Imbizo conference in August 2020, and the organization was represented at the MIDEM conference in July.

A full addition of a resource page has been made to the MusicTT website, which lists links to resources for TT artists, including country specific contracts.

The organization continued into 2021, securing a synchronized placement for artist Daniel Hamilton with Zumba through its partnership with SoStereo. He also launched the Spotlight 3 EP and distributed it across multiple platforms, and launched the Spotlight 4 program. Jimenez said that participants again received Coursera scholarships for classes at Berklee College of Music.

“We also launched Steelpan Business – Global Entrepreneurship Week, organized a three-part roundtable on TT Music foresight, in partnership with the Gospel Music Association of TT and in partnership with Therapy to present the Island Stage at the music festival SXSW, which we were told was the most listened to at the festival.

“The Music Industry & DIY Musicians RGB Series celebrated two seasons, we held a music business class and workshops, and had a live discussion on the roadmap of broadcasting. music with Braveboy and Rai. “

MusicTT director Martin “Mice” Raymond said the organization would be working on two initiatives.

One is to get more musicians to become voting members of the Recording Academy. He said that meant there would be more representation of local music at the Grammy Award level.

“This year has seen an increase in the number of local artists as voting members of the academy. All artists who are at a certain level in their career can be members of the academy.

“Kasey Phillips and Martin Fuentes have launched a campaign with music producers and artists to apply for academy membership, and MusicTT will launch a campaign to get more musicians to follow the process.”

He said that a new musical category was introduced this year by the Grammys, for the best musical performance in the world.

“Usually, Grammy nominated music has to be on an album, and it took work for the academy to realize that there is a whole world of music outside of the US and the UK. – Uni that is brought to life by singles. We hope to see a number of submissions in this category this year.

Raymond said MusicTT is also working to create an official chart of local music using YouTube and Spotify statistics, information collected by the Copyright Organization of TT, streaming and tracking of radio shows and ‘other data sources. He said it would be a step towards greater commercial visibility of the TT around the world.

The webinar is available on the Trinidad & Tobago Music Company Ltd. Facebook page.



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