My Life as a Rolling Stone Docuseries explores the iconic rock band


As part of the Rolling Stones 60th anniversary celebration, Epix previews new docu-series My Rolling Stone Life. Centered on each of the original four core members of the legendary rock band, My Rolling Stone Life will explore how a group of young blues-loving musicians became one of the most influential bands in history.

Formed in London in 1962, the United singer of the Rolling Stones Mick Jaggerguitarist Keith Richardsbass player Bill Wymanand the late drummer charlie wattwho founded the group with the multi-instrumentalist Brian Jones. The Rolling Stones began their career by performing covers of other artists before offering their own compositions. By 1969, Jones had left the band due to drug addiction issues, and the Rolling Stones went on with its four core members to become one of the bands that shaped rock and roll and inspired dozens of musicians for six generations.


Each of the four episodes of My Rolling Stone Life will be dedicated to one of the four band members, using interviews and archival footage to explore their contribution to the music industry. Thus, each episode will explain how Jagger, Richards, Wyman and Watts helped create the monstrous success of the Rolling Stones by pouring their souls and talents into a band that is still on the road 60 years after its creation. The series also promises to be an emotional rollercoaster for fans, as one of the episodes will be dedicated to Watts, who died aged 80 last year. Although Watts is no longer with us, his legacy will not be soon forgotten. , and My Rolling Stone Life release is the perfect way to honor his memory.

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My Rolling Stone Life is led by Olivier Murray (The silent) and Claire Tavernor (Keith Richards: A Culture Special). The docuseries is produced by Mercury Studios and produced by Steve CondieSVP, Content, Mercury Studios.

Commenting on the docuseries reveal, Michael WrightPresident of EPIX, said:

“Compelling musical docuseries have become a mainstay of EPIX’s lineup of premium original programming, and My Rolling Stone Life is a perfect addition to this mix. This distinctive documentary captures the raw, organic energy that defines The Rolling Stones and tells the captivating and epic story of their journey. I’m thrilled that viewers will experience this legendary band like few have before.

Alice WebbCEO of Mercury Studios, also added:

“EPIX is the perfect American home for these dynamic yet very personal portraits of Mick, Keith, Ronnie and Charlie. As they celebrate their 60th anniversary, we couldn’t be prouder that EPIX viewers are getting exclusive access to The Rolling Stones through these specials.

My Rolling Stone Life will be available from Epix this year.


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