New Jersey’s own Samantha Spano emerges as a force in the country music scene


Samantha Spano with her guitar.

Samantha Spano in her cowboy hat.

Samantha Spano in her cowboy hat.

Samantha Spano holds a flower

Samantha Spano holds a flower

Originally from New Jersey, Samantha Spano is on a mission to become a country music powerhouse.

The studio staff didn’t believe I was only 13,” Spano explains. “They all commented that the songs must have been written by someone in their thirties.

— Samantha Spano

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, June 16, 2022 / — Samantha Spano knew from a young age that she wanted to be a musician. Her career started with piano lessons at the age of five and developed when she started learning the guitar at age eight. But being a musician wasn’t her only goal. Spano knew that becoming a true tour de force in the music industry means learning the industry from scratch. With a purpose in her heart, Samantha Spano trains and develops her knowledge of music; and music business.

Now 20, Spano has a long list of musical accomplishments under her belt. Spano plays piano and guitar, won the Freehold Idol Competition at age 11, released his first EP at age 13, and has released several well-produced songs and music videos. His live performances are also gaining recognition as a solo artist and now as the frontman of veteran band Kickin’ Nash.

Perhaps Spano’s most significant achievement is his dedication to music as a career. A full-time music student at Monmouth University, Samantha understands the balance between writing, recording, performing live, building her fan base and protecting her intellectual property. While becoming a strong independent businesswoman.

With a future in music in sight, Samantha feels ready to navigate the waters of the country music world with her idols in mind. Early influences include Taylor Swift, Shania Twain, Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert. However, his soul learned from Reba McIntire, Martina McBride, Alan Jackson and Garth Brooks.

His songwriting reflects the past giants of country music. “I recorded my first EP in New Jersey and wrote those three songs myself. The studio staff didn’t believe I was only 13,” Spano says. “They all commented that the songs must have been written by someone in their thirties.”

Samantha felt the New Jersey crowd didn’t reflect the country music fandom she loves. “Coming from the Jersey Shore, I was the only kid who liked country music,” Spano recalled. “I wore cowboy boots and cotton dresses to school, and people wondered what I was doing. Even then, I brought my guitar and played to show and tell. Now, for all these people watching me grow and continuing to come and listen to my new music and watch my videos is humbling.”

Samantha’s recording experience in Nashville with seasoned producers and musicians has validated her talent. “I told myself to be confident in my music. I knew my songs by heart and exactly what I wanted to do with them,” says Spano. “I walked into the studio and my whole world opened up.”

When she learned that the session drummer was playing with Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, and that the pianist had played for Olivia Newton-John, Samantha felt some pressure. Spano remarked, “But they were all really open to my ideas and played them. That’s when I realized, wow, I did that.”

Spano is planning several releases over the next few months. Fans can expect his original song, “Jesus Tattoo”, to be released in July 2022 on several popular streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music, along with an official video.

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