ONErpm launches “Amplifer” marketing platform, which it claims increased DIY artist streams by 129% in September


Nashville-based distribution and services company ONerpm has launched new exclusive marketing campaign technology for its customers.

The company says its new “marketing campaign management system,” called “Amplifier,” provides “on-demand insights and transparency” into customers’ marketing campaigns.

The technology also displays information on associated costs executed by ONerpm’s marketing and promotional teams around the world.

Founded by CEO Emmanuel Zunz, Nashville-headquartered ONErpm launched in 2010 with its distribution business initially targeting Brazil as a priority market.

As MBW explained in July in an interview with Zunz, ONerpm has since evolved from its DIY distribution beginnings. It still runs a DIY offering, but also invests in a smaller group of artists, like a record label would (similar to the Believe model).

Some artists (those in what ONerpm calls its “Taking Off” level) receive advances and receive internal marketing/PR/playlisting support to accelerate their careers; others (“Next Level”) might even share copyright ownership with ONErpm and receive a higher level of investment.

Now, with Amplifier, ONErpm says artists can see “precisely what marketing initiatives” their dedicated ONErpm marketing teams are working on around the world, while ONErpm can also assign artists to tasks that they access in their ONErpm dashboard.

Artists and ONErpm label partners can also access detailed, real-time statistics on the daily impact of promotional initiatives on their streaming numbers.

The amplifier is also available for ONerpm’s DIY artist user base, but the company says it’s simplified down to 29 specific tasks designed for a “step-by-step approach” along with a tutorial and good practice guides.

ONErpm claims that since Amplifier’s beta launch, more than 35,000 DIY campaigns have been created and completed.

The company further claims that the DIY versions with campaigns outperformed those without a booster. 129% on average in terms of flows during the month of September.

Additionally, ONErpm says future versions of Amplifier for the DIY level will integrate AI and machine learning “to provide a more personalized experience.”

“We believe that transparency is one of the keys to an artist’s success.”

Emmanuel Zunz, ONerpm

ONErpm says Amplifier consists of 137 predefined marketing tasks assigned to its marketing teams and another 47 tasks assigned to artist teams.

Tasks are organized across multiple marketing verticals such as DSP, direct-to-fan, platform advertising, PR, radio promotions, OOH advertising, YouTube channel and video optimization, and much more, as well as pre-release and post-release activations with due dates. It also allows the creation of custom tasks.

ONerpm explains that its project managers create the campaigns and assign the number of tasks appropriate to the size of the artist and the desired campaign objectives to the teams of artists and the internal promotion specialists of ONerpm.

Once each task is completed, it is marked as complete with accompanying notes so that artist teams can understand what has been done.

In 2020 ONerpm created the first version of its proprietary content management system (CMS). He says the CMS was originally designed in part to help ONerpm’s project managers and marketing experts manage campaigns and client workflow.

Since 2020, ONErpm reports running over 35,000 campaigns on behalf of artists and labels around the world.

“We believe that transparency is one of the keys to an artist’s success,” said Emmanuel Zunz, CEO of OneRPM.

“Information is power, and while Amplifier initially helped our teams better manage their workflow, this new iteration is much more robust and results-driven as it allows us to better collaborate with our customers, while giving them powerful insights into the work we do here. to ONerpm, and the corresponding impact on their activity.

Onerpm’s seamless CRM platform has enabled our team to make smarter decisions when it comes to bringing a new project to market.

Michael “Benjy” Cruz, Slum Rican

Michael “Benjy” Cruz, Marketing Manager at Slumerican, said, “Onerpm’s seamless CRM platform has enabled our team to make smarter decisions when it comes to bringing a new project to market.”

Cruz added, “Along with a deep dive into streaming data, Onerpm also provides a deep dive into accounting to understand exactly where our money is coming from.

“Each artist must not only consider their creative process, but must also consider the technology that will make it more powerful. Onerpm offers exactly that and is a one stop shop no matter where you are in your career. »

“I’ve had clients on different labels and major distributors… The ONErom portal is quite impressive.

Brad Cohen, raw material

Brad Cohen, founder of Los Angeles-based management company Raw Material, said, “I’ve had clients on various labels and major distributors… The ONErom portal is pretty impressive.

“I feel like I’m working from the same task management apps as the label, which unites me with my teams and departments within the company.”

Juan Gómez, Director of Brytiago, said: “The ONErpm platform is very user-friendly and undoubtedly one of the most complete on the market today.

“I believe that transparency not only in the financial part but also in the marketing part and being able to be aware of how the team is working on our project thanks to the tools of the platform is an immense added value for us and I think that’s a game-changer for the market.”

Maino (ONErpm artist), said, “It’s all about simplicity and being able to use a platform like ONErpm to make music promotion easy. I can see what my fans like and focus on creating based on that.

PLVTNUM (ONErpm Artist), added, “One RPM’s marketing dashboard has made it easy to manage my song-by-song promotional initiatives. As an artist very involved in the digital marketing of my music, I appreciate the transparency and rationality of the tools they have built.

Justin Champagne (ONErpm Artist), said, “ONErpm’s Amplifier Dashboard is easy to use and I like the transparency it provides. I talk to my team at ONerpm all day, every day, but sometimes it’s just nice to be able to see everything clearly and be able to access it when I need it.

Demun Jones (ONErpm Artist), said, “Being able to log in and, in seconds, see where everything is going and why brings another level of comfort to being an independent artist. The dashboard is second to none.

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