Players in the Ghanaian music industry work with emotions – Guru


Hiplife artist and rapper, Maradona Yeboah Adjei popularly known as Guru says that actors in the entertainment industry in Ghana work with emotions.

In an interview on First morning along with Ib Ben-Bako, he stated that the majority of managers in the entertainment industry work for personal gain.

“My problem with our industry is that we work too much with emotions. The focus is more on emotions. Our problem is emotion. Emotional entities, emotional managers, emotional organizations. Entertainment houses work with emotions, and it really affects us. Everyone wants to be pampered,” he explained.

He added that “sometimes we intend to ‘change’ you for no reason, based on emotions, and we act too much on emotions. So if you’re not mentally strong, they’ll cut you off.

According to him, the music careers of most upcoming artists are not well established due to the emotional nature of the players in the industry.

“Everyone wants to take the glory for their own gain,” he said.

Also, Guru mentioned that artists can never be managed. He thinks it is the work of the musician that can be managed and not that of the individual artists.

He claimed that most artists are sometimes distracted by managers because they can make decisions against the interests of managers.

“In music, you can never manage an artist. You can manage a party. It is the work itself, but not the mark of the artist… If I say that I cannot be managed, it is because mentally I have already prepared myself not to let anything distract me”, has he declared.

The rapper revealed how he had a challenge that landed him in court due to mismanagement.

Additionally, the “Amen” hitmaker revealed how he has invested in the music industry by funding the works of certain musicians.

According to him, investing in artists was a way to help improve the entertainment industry.

“I have invested so much. If you’re talking about people who have invested so much in this industry, I’m one of them. The agenda was to help with what little I could to impact other lives and also help project the music of Ghana,” he explained.

Guru is convinced that he has no problems with the industry. Instead, he thinks the industry has a problem with his perception of making music.

Meanwhile, he has revealed that he draws his musical inspiration from ordinary Ghanaians, admitting he is a street boy.


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