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The artist’s story tells of the many hardships she faced, never losing sight of the desire to achieve her dreams.

LE BRONX, NEW YORK, USA, July 5, 2021 / – The Bronx musical artist, Danish, is expected to take center stage with his inspiring story of hope and determination, while also putting showcasing his extraordinary musical talents and creativity.

Danish is a multi-talented musical artist and lyricist with a master’s degree and work experience as a registered nurse. While Danish is currently on the way to becoming one of the biggest names in the music industry, sadly Danish hasn’t always been the multi-faceted woman she has become.

The Danish was the child of harsh realities. Without the love of a mother or father, she became the frequent child of foster families and homeless shelters. It was his vision of the world that greeted him day after day. Waking up with a hungry stomach and going to bed anyway was the highlight of her day. While others came from the bottom of the abyss, she lived at the level of the sewers, to put things in perspective. But Danish was a child of resilience, and it shone through her actions. At the age of 10, Danish became an employee at a local beauty salon, sweeping and wiping the floor for $ 5 a day.

While the Danish would endure darker days, she was able to find a loophole in hip hop.

“The first time my ears came into contact with people like ‘I’m Bad’ by LL Cool J, I knew rap was my calling,” Danish says. “Legends like KRS-One, Eminem, AZ, Nas, Big Pun, Eve, Biggie and Big L impressed me with their lyrical verbiage and flow. I was instantly connected to this type of music and absorbed myself in its warm glow.

Danish would begin to write to himself to deal with the pain of abuse and isolation in his life. At that time, it was more therapy than just music. While others wrote on what was the popular topic, Danish wanted to be more than a replica of artists seeking influence and fame. At just fourteen, she was writing about life experiences that make or break the average person. Its bars were built on things like the streets, turmoil, and relationships. Her honor on the Honor Roll as an English student along with her passion for speaking and poetry have only helped her create powerful bars.

Danish would wow adults with her lyricism, but it was some of her relatives who sparked doubt in her dreams as a rapper. Family and friends, even her then boyfriend spoke of her passion, but even through discouragement and physical violence, she kept on rising. She would save enough to buy her own instruments and pay for studio sessions in the North Bronx. However, when it was shut down, its path to rap stardom stopped.

It manifested in her another inert nature, concerned about others. It was then that she returned to school to pursue nursing studies. It was a perfect fit for the big heart she had and with it something amazing came her musical traits were heightened beyond measure. Where she once wrote rhymes, now she just needed a beat, and the words would flow freely when she felt the track. She was becoming an iconic artist with every step she took, developed and grew.

“I remember juggling nursing and ghostwriting on a number of literary projects, but my vocation as an artist continued to eat into my heart,” says Danois. “At that point, I was no longer able to contain the fire in me and I let everything out in the cabin.”

Danish was starting to record and share her work and of course she was gaining fans and musical executives looking for a chance to sign her. The Danish, however, knew her worth and continued to raise the bar without selling short. Her music was a clear indication of the level of talent she possessed. Flow, energy, pace, bars, creativity, Danish had it all. His voice was like a gateway to a new brand of emcee, one that was in its own way, one that held the attention of its audience. Whether it was tracks, sweet songs or compositions that spoke about deep topics like politics, economics, abuse or the hardships women face in the industry, she spiced up every track.

Danish went from being a labeled child with no future to obtaining a master’s degree, brilliant inside and out, becoming a registered nurse and manifesting her career as a writer and artist. She trampled down the very trials and obstacles that tried to consume her and came out of the darkness.

Currently, Danish is climbing to the top and still developing his brand and presence in the industry. She recently released a music video for one of her tracks that sampled Nas and AZ’s “Life’s a Bitch” and it received only positive feedback.

For more information on Danish’s music catalog and to follow his career online, visit or https: //untd.iom/putsomerespeck.

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