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Nigel Bond (aka PromoBoi) is an American rapper and record producer. PromoBoi is without a doubt one of the hottest music producers in Los Angeles, if not all of the United States, as he has recently collaborated with several notable names like Mila J, PnB Rock and Tory Lanez musicians in the industry. . PromoBoi’s “Take Care Forever” mixtape series, a trilogy of cassettes that won him a recording contract with AWAL, is also well known. Her debut single “Braxton” has gained popularity in recent weeks, with over 500,000 plays on Apple Music and SoundCloud combined. PromoBoi founded his label, Mindset Records, in 2014. He generated his stuff and self-released it outside of the imprint. He also managed the marketing efforts for Marques Houston and Mila J, among others.

With a new reality show called “Behind The Pen”, which begins April 1, 2021, up-and-coming producer “PromoBoi” seeks to engage his fans and music aficionados in his blockbuster generation path.

Nigel Bond, better known as PromoBoi, was born on October 19, 1995 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In eleventh grade, he dropped out of high school. Promo started composing songs in his mother’s living room in 2007. He would burn the songs to CDs and distribute them at school. To gain an audience, he persuaded his classmates that the songs were from well-known singers such as Rihanna, TI, and Ne-Yo. As a result, the method helped him to become famous.

Filming music videos for several artists has earned him fame. As a result, he was able to travel the world and collaborate with mainstream artists, which opened up various job prospects for him. He then moved to Miami, Florida with Chicago native Lil Mouse. PromoBoi eventually met Teyana Taylor, a recording artist, and Bryant Mckinnie, an NFL star, and formed a relationship with them. In addition to directing and producing music earlier in his career, PromoBoi worked as a radio DJ, where he met Bryshere Gray, better known as Yazz, of “Empire”. Together they began to pursue music.

PromoBoi signed his first recording contract with Slip N Slide Records in 2010. He has now signed on the AWAL label. Promo’s music has one goal: to inspire young people to be creative and pursue their aspirations. Promo donated to about 15 schools in his hometown of Philadelphia, New York, Ohio, Florida and elsewhere in 2018. People who have met him compare him to Nipsey Hussle, Jay-Z, and Gary Vee. Promo’s talent is now bearing fruit as it strives to become better and more successful. PromoBoi has invested in a number of start-ups, using its music income to fund initiatives such as commercial real estate, seafood restaurants, and online businesses.

He and his colleagues moved to California. PromoBoi has so far produced and co-authored 5 Billboard Charter Records. Sean Garrett, Keith Shock (public enemy), Ryan Leslie and Pink sweatpants all signed up as collaborators. Promo instills an emotional zeal into production that has never been seen before. This is evident in his posts on the studio’s social media. How he reacts to his own works and how they affect him. Promo has collaborated with singers such as Toni Braxton, Mariah Carey and Ty Dolla $ IGN which is pretty amazing for a newcomer. PromoBoi is without a doubt the new kid in town that labels turn to when they need a hit.

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