Quarter XVI to support Cradle of Filth on Halloween



A BARROW bassist and his band will be supporting one of the heavy metal giants this weekend.

Ward XVI, led by singer and keyboardist Psychoberrie, guitarist Doktor Von Stottenstein and Barrow bassist Wolfy Huntsman, is expected to support Cradle of Filth at Hallowe’en in the British capital.

The announcement comes just after their appearance at Bloodstock when they performed on the opening day of the Derbyshire Festival.

Ward XVI was invited to support the legendary band Cradle of Filth when the album ‘Existence is Futile’ was released, with the show taking place at London’s iconic Roundhouse.

Existence is Futile is the group’s thirteenth studio album and features new keyboardist and backing vocalist Anabelle Iratni.

The album is said to be a monumental, electrifying journey through darkness and the perfect album for the most imperfect times.

It comes 27 years after their first album, The Principle of Evil Made Flesh, released in 1994.

Speaking on behalf of Quarter XVI, Doktor Von Stottenstein described the invitation to join Cradle of Filth as an “absolute honor”.

The guitarist said: “It is an incredible opportunity for us and an absolute honor to have been chosen to play such an important evening in their history. The fact that it is also Halloween will make it one not to be missed.”

Tickets for the event are on sale now at: https://www.roundhouse.org.uk



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