Rapper Woopie drove them crazy with this new song!


Woopie’s new song titled “Giving Me the P*ssy”. Strip club DJs all over the world love it. “Woopie” is Prince Johnson’s stage name. He is a rising star in the rap music industry. A song called “Giving Me the P*ssy” by Woopie, which is very good, has become very popular all over the world. It is now the music of choice for DJs in strip clubs around the world. People call him Woopie on stage. He is also a musician, composer and business owner from Philadelphia. Woopie creates a catchy and hypnotic sound by combining hip-hop with other styles. You can now listen to this song if you are using a music streaming service.

Strip club DJs want Woopie’s rap music, so he made it for them to play. As a result, many strip club DJs around the world are interested in his new album, “Giving Me the P*ssy”. When you go to a strip club, you hear “Giving Me the Pussy” all the time. It has great lyrics, aggressive rapping, good beats and an overall good mood. DJs who play in strip clubs should have a song called “Giving Me the P*ssy”. It makes everyone want to dance.

“Giving Me the P*ssy” also has a sexy music video to go with it in the strip scene. People watching the video can expect an intense and stress-relieving experience from all its parts.

Woopie wants to be the best version of himself, so he works tirelessly to achieve that goal. For him, Philadelphia’s next hip-hop billionaire is who he wants to be. “Giving Me the P*ssy” shows the rest of the music industry that it won’t stop. Woopie works on many different musical projects. We can’t wait to see what he has to offer us next!

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Woopie’s “Giving Me the P*ssy” is now streaming

Go to Woopie’s Instagram account here: https://instagram.com/mr_icecreamman

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