Saving Money Cutting Banking Commissions

Most banks have been increasing the value of bank commissions in an attempt to recoup some of the lost profits in recent years. Although it seems that we are tied hands, it is possible to reduce the benefits payable or even avoid payment.

There Are Banks Who Do Not Charge Many Commissions

There Are Banks Who Do Not Charge Many Commissions

We like online banks. These banks are financial institutions as legitimate as others but with a limited physical presence.

They have few branches, a small number of employees and some even share structures with other banks. Having low costs, they have the possibility to offer a differentiated offer, which is not to charge commissions and offer products with higher returns (for example, in term deposits).

Review the Advantages of the Ordained Account


A second alternative to avoiding the payment of commissions is to analyze the offers associated with payables. In order to raise funds directly from employers and to retain their customers, banks often offer commissions, which can go for example by exempting account maintenance commissions. In addition, several protocols have increased rates applied to time deposits.

See the Protocols of Your Employer with Financial Institutions


Several employers have the negotiating ability to achieve more advantageous conditions for their employees than in their relationship with various institutions (not just financial institutions). Therefore, we suggest that you inform yourself of the protocols your employer has, since the savings can be significant.

Opt To Report To Your Bank Through The Internet

One last alternative is the customer relationship with your bank via the remote. The purpose of banks is to prevent their customers from going to the branches to routine, non-value-added tasks. Thus, most of the operations on the internet end up having costs much lower than those practiced at the branches, which allows you to save money with relative ease. The suggestion is therefore to avoid as much as possible to move to the counters (you can still avoid trying to sell some products you do not need).

We believe it is possible to reduce your financial costs and thus contribute to the improvement of your family budget. We were able to cut costs and bank fees by simply researching, negotiating and searching for all available information. So it is possible to survive these difficult times.

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