Sexual Harassment Review, Discrimination Began


A nationwide review to investigate sexual violence, harassment and discrimination in Australia’s music sector is moving forward, with its research team now inviting people to come forward and share their stories.

the Examination of Sexual Abuse, Sexual Harassment and Systemic Discrimination in the National Music Industry was announced late last year, whose goal is to learn and speak with all communities and roles within the music industry to understand what the space looks like today. today.

Starting this week, the review team is accepting written submissions and asking music professionals to sign up for confidential interviews and focus groups to offer their observations and insights.

By contributing, “your voice, which may have been silenced in the past, will be lifted up,” an update read.

“Your voice will help shape the findings and recommendations of the review and, most importantly, influence reform in the music industry. You can speak up safely, confidentially and anonymously.

#Me too

The project is meant to be a broad examination of the music industry’s work culture “through the lens of sexual harm, sexual harassment and systemic discrimination”, although it does not examine individual cases. or complaints of these behaviors.

Researchers are drawing on the participation of professionals from across the music industry, from songwriters and composers to artists and performers, crew, agents, members of live touring companies and record labels, promoters, employees of record companies, managers, publishers, hall managers. and company staff and managers.

It is an inclusive approach. Review teams are keen to hear from those who have experienced sexual abuse, sexual harassment and systemic discrimination, and those who may have been bystanders.

As indicated previously, the Music Industry Review is led by consultants Alexandra (Alex) Shehadie and Sam Turner, who will undertake a comprehensive six-month consultation process, which begins now.

The review, which will be under the auspices of music industry charity Support Act, was unveiled with support from APRA lobbying bodies AMCOS, ARIA, PPCA and Australia Council, and has a total target budget of $400.00.

Over time, practical and comprehensive recommendations will be compiled to improve safety and inclusion.

The project is launched as the Australian music industry finally faces its #MeToo moment, with companies and industry leaders sending the message in 2021 that offensive actions in the workplace will no longer be tolerated.

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Last year, the Australian branches of Sony Music and Universal Music launched investigations into their own corporate cultures, and several high-level employees were fired following investigations.

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