Six reunions teased as former RTE reality star Kyle Anderson hints and return not ruled out


FORMER RTE reality star Kyle Anderson has hinted that some sort of reunion of the Six could be in the works after a picture emerged of them together again.

ShinAwil boss Larry Bass announced last year his desire to film a reunion of the band to mark the 20th anniversary of Irish TV show Popstars.


The group has not ruled out a meeting
ShinAwil boss Larry Bass


ShinAwil boss Larry BassCredit: Lorraine O’Sullivan

Now the singers of There’s a Whole Lot of Loving – Kyle, Sinéad Sheppard, Emma O’Driscoll, Liam McKenna, Sarah Keating and Andy Orr – have been making waves by posting the new snap.

It appeared two decades after hitting No. 1 with their debut single.

The band formed in 2002 but broke up soon after in 2003.

We can reveal that Six met again in Dublin for dinner at the Pearl Brasserie and later for drinks at the Westbury Hotel over the weekend.

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And Kyle refused to rule out some sort of Six reunion.

He told The Irish Sun: “It was amazing seeing everyone again.

“We had a great evening and I really hope we don’t leave it too long to see each other again. Who knows how soon it will be.

Kyle is now managing director of his own logistics company, which employs 20 people. Last year, ShinAwil boss Bass revealed how much he would love to do a reunion show to mark the 20th anniversary of Irish Popstars and the chart-topping Six here.

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Speaking about the proposed programme, Bass told The Irish Sun: “We think there would be a huge appetite for it.

“It would be a lot of fun to sit down with all six band members and all the people and judges that have been on Popstars and look back.”

Kyle told The Irish Sun last year that he and other former members of Six have yet to have a talk with ShinAwil about a reunion show.

But he said they would be open to talking about it – and there was a story to tell. The father of one revealed that although Six did not become an international pop star, the members became lifelong friends.


Kyle said, “We’ve all stayed in touch. We have attended each other’s weddings, mine was the last in 2014.

“This bond between us is a great testament to the judges at Irish Popstars. They didn’t pick the top six singers in Ireland, they picked a group that got along well, that’s why we’re still in contact today.

“We saw bands on the Smash Hits tour around the UK who had just turned up to perform and then broke up.

“That was never the case with Six, we always laughed and laughed together.”

Kyle admitted that it was easier for him to create a new life after the group broke up as he was based in Northern Ireland where fewer people had seen RTE’s Popstars.

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He added: “The few times I would be in Dublin for rugby I would be recognised, but that was years ago.”

Former Popstars judge Linda Martin, who challenged Nadine Coyle on her age before firing her from the group, said she would be up for a reunion show.

Liam, Sarah, Emma, ​​Andy, Sinead and Kyle from Six


Liam, Sarah, Emma, ​​Andy, Sinead and Kyle from SixCredit: News Group Newspapers Ltd
Band Six.  Andy Orr, Emma O'Driscoll, Sarah Keating, Liam McKenna, Sinead Sheppard, Kyle Anderson


Band Six. Andy Orr, Emma O’Driscoll, Sarah Keating, Liam McKenna, Sinead Sheppard, Kyle Anderson

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