SNL’s Bowen Yang Gives Emotional Reaction To OSU Marching Band


The Ohio State Marching Band’s version of a Journey hit song was featured last night on “Saturday Night Live.”

In the skit, Sasheer Zamata, Chris Redd, Bowen Yang, Heidi Gardner and guest star Zoë Kravitz, who stars in “The Batman,” had gone out to eat and started chatting about music.

Zamata asked if anyone had heard Doja Cat’s new song before Yang jumped in and started talking about the band’s version of “Don’t Stop Believin’.”

“It’s a straight shot,” he said. “I was the principal of this track.”

‘Come on, let me break you a piece’

After the band initially refused, Yang lobbied for it to be played.

“Come on, let me break you a piece,” he said before playing the song.

As the song played, Yang grew more emotional about what the song meant to him as Zamata, Redd, and Gardner thought he was crazy.

“You hear it, it’s tubas playing the bass line,” Yang said. “Who thinks of that?

When the drums started on the song, Yang became more excited.

The drums,” he said. “It’s like steam rising from the asphalt after a sun shower.”

“Am I in Heaven or on Rainbow Road in Mario Kart 8?”

After getting up to walk, Yang said what the group’s version meant to him.

“Can you imagine walking down the street for this? Feeling invincible? Like your whole life is ahead of you? Like you’re headed to graduate high school and you haven’t committed any real mistakes in life? It’s a gradual sound building until suddenly…”

“It’s finish?” Redd asked.

“It’s just getting started,” Yang shouted before knocking over the food from the incoming waiter.

“The music is uplifting. Am I in heaven or on Rainbow Road on creepy Mario Kart 8,” he said.

Kravitz said she had the song.

“Now they’re doing the guitar part of the trumpet,” Yang shouted.

“I didn’t know trumpets could do guitar,” Kravitz said.

“They can,” Yang shouted.

“This song inspires me to do so much better… at Mario Kart”

Yang started getting most of the lyrics wrong and thought the vocalist was Steven Tyler Aerosmith.

“This song inspires me to do so much better…in Mario Kart,” Yang said.

The marching band tweeted their thanks for the skit.


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