Spotify starts selling tickets. Ticketmaster reaches an agreement with TikTok


Spotify launches ticket sales website

In the vast world of ticket sales, there is now more competition with the once monolithic Ticketmaster.

Spotify entered And by construction, we mean the Internet market. Spotify, the leading music and podcast streaming platform, has just launched its own proprietary website to sell live event tickets directly to consumers. The intermediary can now be counted effectively. Ticketmaster and its CEO Michael Rapino take note.

Spotify’s ticketing effort will serve as more of an experience until the company can see how the beta test is going for listeners and artists. Naturally, if the model works, ticket buyers will flock to the site as well as the live concerts in search of increased exposure. Watch this ticket space as it grows.

Current artists and places spotted on site

The Spotify Tickets website describes itself as “a destination for creator live events that audiences love, labeled by Spotify.” Currently, only Dirty Honey, Limbeck, Crows, Annie DiRusso, Lee Fields, TOKiMONSTA, Four Year Strong, The Fair Occasions, and Osees are featured on the beginner site, but more are sure to follow.

Venues that have signed up to participate in Spotify’s new service include Rebel Lounge (located in Phoenix, AZ), 7th St Entry (Minneapolis), Ventura Music Hall (Ventura), Sleeping Village (Chicago), Space Ballroom (Hamden), The Catalyst (Santa Cruz), Cornerstone Berkeley (Berkeley) and the UC Theater (Berkeley).

Could and should Broadway be next?

Operating on the Freemium model, subscribers can choose their level of engagement. Given Spotify’s huge subscription base, Broadway would likely benefit greatly from such a partnership, as it would cast a wider net over potential viewers.

What mass? In 2022, 422 million people use Spotify once a month, of which 182 million are paid subscribers. 30% of Americans would have used Spotify every month in 2021! A good portion of that 30% may very well be interested in Broadway.

Tik Tok tickets on Broadway

TikTok or TiketTok?

While the ticketing platform’s potential success is great for Spotify, it could spell trouble for stalwarts like Ticketmaster and Live Nation, companies that can’t afford to be sidelined in the conversion business.

But don’t rely on Ticketmaster just yet. The household name ticket outlet has just upped the game by now selling tickets in the hugely popular TikTok app. This new partnership means Ticketmaster can capitalize on TikTok’s algorithm, a feed of recommendations that is instrumental in establishing and growing an artist’s fan base. Naturally, a larger fan base means more ticket buyers for these artists’ live events.

Considering the role music already plays on TikTok, the partnership seems logical, if not lucrative. The collaboration may also signal TikTok’s intentions to dive wider and deeper into the music industry.

Keep it simple, silly… or smart!

Similar to the launch of the Spotify ticket platform, this Tik-Tok ticket selling feature will only be available to select creators at first. Who’s on board now? Demi Lovato, OneRepublic, Usher, the Backstreet Boys and WWE. Ticketmaster knows it’s probably sitting on a gold mine.

The process seems impressively simple. Any affiliate creator wishing to advertise upcoming concert dates simply add event links directly to their TikTok videos. Users click the link that appears on a video above the creator’s username, which will open an in-app browser where tickets for the event can be purchased.

Is Broadway listening to this and are they next for the Spotify treatment?


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