“The Idol Band”: SF9 Rowoon and ex-IZ*ONE Nako to MC, fans love the “height difference”


As K-pop dominates the South Korean music industry, more and more entertainment niches are gaining popularity. We first had Mnet acknowledging the dancers with the hit “Street Woman Fighter,” which turned out to be the first all-female dance crew survival show. Next we had ‘Great Seoul Invasion’ which is Mnet’s survival show for groups. It has starred participants like ONEWE, Surl, and South Club as well as famous mentors like former IZ*ONE leader Eunbi, Jaehwan, and N.Flying. And now we have another group program with “The Idol Band” hosted by SF9’s Rowoon and Yabuki Nako.

On July 28, it was announced that SBS was planning the next survival show for Korean groups. Although we have popular groups like DAY6, ONEWE, Xdinary Heroes and N.Flying, they are not as common as idol groups in South Korea. ‘The Idol Band: Boy’s Battle’ will be co-produced by K-pop label FNC Entertainment which is home to several bands and groups like FT Island, CNBlue, N.Flying and SF9 whose group member Rowoon will be MC. “The Idol Band” is a survival show that hopes to create an idol group with its winners.

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Rowoon and Nako as MC of “The Idol Band”

‘The Idol Band’ is already in full swing as they recruit participants and hold auditions until August 26th. Male musicians born between 1995 and 2009 living in South Korea and Japan can participate. Being a multinational program, SBS also included HKT48’s J-pop idol Yabuki Nako and was part of former K-pop group IZ*ONE. “The Idol Band” also uses experienced producers to select participants and mentor them. Missions will include forming groups and competing against each other. The show will air in South Korea and Japan on SBS and TBS channels.


The winning group will debut under FNC Entertainment. Well, K-pop fans are also thrilled with the show as the MCs are none other than K-pop idols Rowoon from SF9 and Nako. While former leader Eunbi is a mentor on group show “Great Seoul Invasion,” Nako will host “The Idol Band.” This is her and Rowoon’s first concert to host a survival show.


IZ*ONE fans are even more thrilled as it’s been a while since Nako was promoted in South Korea, having gone to Japan after his K-pop group disbanded in 2021. We got last seen a mini-meeting with her and member Hitomi when they were roped in as models for Japanese cosmetics. But it’s the size difference between Rowoon and Nako that amuses everyone. While Nako is 150cm tall, the SF9 star is one of the tallest K-pop idols at 190.5cm.


‘Their neck is going to hurt them’

Knetizens joked, “When the camera pans over Rowoon’s upper body, Nako will disappearㅋㅋㅋ.” Another said, “Oh Nako ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ But the moment I saw this I thought about their height difference.” One fan added, “The height difference is going to be so cute.” Another wrote: “Their neck is gonna hurt so much looking at each other.” A fan asked, “Could they even be filmed in the same setting?” Another fan commented, “10 heads less than his co-host, can’t miss this MDBDIDJSJS, welcome back nako.” One of them created a meme, “Rowoon and nako in one frame”. Another tweeted: “Who in the f**k took the shortest and tallest idol and put them together.”




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