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Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee didn’t give up after breaking his four different ribs and showed how strong and ambitious he was. He came back on stage to play the first three songs of Motley Crue at Hard Rock Stadium in Florida on June 18.

Tom Lee is one of the craziest drummers in rock and roll history. He is currently the drummer for the heavy metal band Motley Cruewho announced their disbandment in 2015 but officially returned in 2018 with a stadium tour with Def Leppard. During his continued career with his band, Tom Lee contributed to eight out of nine studio albums. The exit of the group in 2000 new tattoo is the only album he has not played.

Focusing on his personal life and career, Tommy Lee released three different solo studio albums. Launched in 2002 with Never a dull momenthis second album dates from 2005 Tommyland: the ride. The successful drummer released his third and final studio album in 2020, named Android. Besides his huge solo career, he has made many appearances with many artists.

However, as some of you may know, Tommy Lee broke all four ribs during a Motley Crue show a few weeks ago. He then handed the drumsticks to the talented drummer Tommy Clufetos after performing the first five songs of the band’s show on June 16 in Atlanta. June 18 Tomme Lee came back on stage and played the first three songs of the show, shout to the devil, Wild side hasn/a too fast for love.

During the group’s concert at Hard Rock Stadium in Florida, Tommy Lee walked to the front of the stage and opened up about breaking his ribs. Revealing his reaction to the first moment he learned he had broken his ribs, Tommy Lee said he was surprised and got angry because it was the group’s long-awaited comeback that had been postponed twice.

“You guys are not going to believe this fucking shit,” tommy said. “Some of you may know; some of you may not know this. Pour ceux qui ne savent pas, il y a environ – je ne sais pas – 12, 13 jours, je me suis cassé pas une, pas deux, pas trois, mais quatre putains de côtes ici [places left hand on his right side].

“And I’m fucking, like, ‘Are you kidding me, man? Shit!’ We’ve been waiting too long for this shit, man. My fucking heart is broken – along with the ribs.”

Tommy Lee admits his ribs hurt too much

tommy then revealed the current condition of his ribs. Starting with what doctors told him about playing live shows, Tom Lee revealed that they asked him not to play any more shows soon, even though he confirmed that his broken ribs hurt too much. He didn’t give up and said the show had to go on.

“So the doctor says, ‘Listen, brother. By the way, no fucking game,’ he reacts. “I’m, like, ‘Man, there’s no fucking way. We have a tour in a few fucking days. What the fuck am I gonna do?

“So I’m gonna fucking get in and out as much as I can. It hurts like a fucking female dog. And my boy Tommy here, he’s gonna fucking help me here. And I will come back.

“I’ll see you in a minute. But at this fucking moment, at this moment, the show has to go on, holy shit.

The unfortunate accident of Tommy Lee

It was not the first time Tommy Lee suffered an unfortunate moment. Last October, Tommy Lee had an unfortunate accident at his Los Angeles home and narrowly avoided the serious leg injury after walking too close to the edge of the pool. The video visible below was leaked on social media by tommyhis wife, Brittany Furlan Lee.

When his wife shared the video on social media, Brittany mocked Tommy Lee. She watched her husband on the home security camera and laughed at him. She also added a statement on social media for the video: “When you are a witch and ask your husband to shower but he refuses. Sorry @tommylee but at least you’re clean now.

After the video published by his wife, tommy reacted to his accident via social networks. He shared the same video as Brittany shared and captioned: “Thank you baby. Now the pool is dirty!!!!”


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