tide/edit disbands after final show and 11 years as a band


Filipino math rock band tide/edit played their last gig together after 11 years as a band.

Held on November 20, the quartet of Jawin Pagaduan, Noe Rubio, Nelson Villamayor and Clarence Garcia bid farewell to their fans as a tide/edit for the last time with a special showcase. The showcase was held in conjunction with A Spur of The Moment Project on the All Our Days venue and saw the band play two full hour sets.

In a social media post ahead of the showcase, Garcia reminisced about the group’s journey on Facebook. “The band started as a musical project, we didn’t all know each other and we met on the internet,” he wrote. “We just want to play and that’s the only thing that connects us. I’m happy to say that even if it’s going to end that we’re all friends in the band or the musical project, no fights, no quarrels.

He ended the post with a message to his bandmates: “Last show later. Nelson, Noe, Jaw Pagaduan, good game. Nice set up.

tide/edit formed in 2011 and released their third studio album ‘All My Friends’ in August 2018. It was the band’s last release and followed their 2015 LP ‘Lightfoot’. The band will also release a live version of their 2012 debut EP “Ideas” in 2018 ahead of the release of “All My Friends.”

tide/edit released their debut album “Foreign Languages” in 2014.

The band also performed on day three of Singapore’s Baybeats Festival on October 30, although their set was cut short due to weather conditions.


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